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Bosnia and Herzegovina (also known as Bosnia-Herzegovina or Bosnia) is a Southeast European country on the Balkan Peninsula. It borders Serbia to the east, Croatia to the north and southwest, and Montenegro to the southeast. 

When Bosnia and Herzegovina declared independence from Yugoslavia in March 1922, it adopted the Bosnia and Herzegovina dinar. The Bosnia and Herzegovina dinar replaced the Yugoslav dinar at a rate of 1 Bosnian dinar to 10 Yugoslav dinara. The Bosnian dinar circulated until 1998.

The Bosnia and Herzegovina dinar was replaced by the convertible mark in 1998. The convertible mark was pegged to the Deutsche mark at par. 

The convertible mark is currently the official currency of Bosnia and Herzegovina. One convertible mark is equivalent to 100 fenings. 

The first series of convertible mark coins was issued on December 9, 1998. It came in denominations of 10 fenings, 20 fenings, and 50 fenings. The 1-mark and 2-mark coins were introduced in 2000. Six years later, the 5 fenings and 5 marks were introduced. 

The 5-fenings and 1-mark coins are made of nickel-plated steel. The remaining fenings coins are made of copper-plated steel. The 2-mark and 5-mark coins are bimetallic. The 2-mark coin has a nickel-brass outer ring and a cupronickel center. The 5-mark coin has a cupronickel outer ring and a nickel-brass center. 

The fenings coins feature the flag and the map of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The convertible mark coins have inverted triangles for the sight impaired. The 1-mark coin features the national coat of arms. The 2-mark coin shows a seated dove holding an olive branch. The 5-mark coin features a flying dove with an olive branch in its beak. These designs have been used since the introduction of the coins.

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