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Madagascar became a French colony in 1897, leading to the introduction of the French franc-based currency. The Madagascar franc (MGF) was introduced in 1925, and French coins were in use, though with distinctive designs for Madagascar.

After gaining independence from France in 1960, Madagascar continued using the Madagascar franc until 2005, when it officially switched to the ariary. During this transition, the ariary was initially valued at 5 francs, with the dual usage of both denominations.

In 2005, Madagascar made a full transition to the ariary (MGA), making it one of the few currencies in the world not based on a decimal system. The ariary is subdivided into 5 iraimbilanja. However, the iraimbilanja has become obsolete due to its low value, and the ariary is the primary unit of currency.

Madagascar's current currency is the ariary (MGA), which has been fully implemented since 2005. The coins in use today in Madagascar and their denominations are 1 ariary, 2 ariary, 5 ariary, 10 ariary, 20 ariary and 50 ariary.

Low denomination coins are generally made from lightweight metals like aluminum, which is used for smaller values like the 1 ariary, 2 ariary, and 5 ariary. On the other hand, higher denomination coins typically consist of sturdier metal combinations, such as copper and nickel, providing extra durability and a more substantial weight. This sturdier composition is typical for coins like the 10 ariary, 20 ariary, and 50 ariary.

Madagascar's coins often showcase unique features and designs that reflect the country's culture, history, and biodiversity.

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