Polymer Banknotes

What are polymer banknotes?

Polymer banknotes are made from plastic (polymer substrate) and offer distinct durability and security advantages over traditional paper banknotes. Paper banknotes aren’t made from paper at all, in fact, they are commonly made from a cotton blend which explains why the banknote can survive a spin cycle in your washing machine. Polymer banknotes not only feel completely different when held, they also allow new design features, artwork and some even become commemorative of a bank’s decision to make the switch making them more desirable to collectors. In addition, counterfeiting currency has led to an increased demand in security features that paper banknotes simply don’t have. For these reasons, more and more banks are switching to polymer banknotes as of 2017 because the benefits outweigh the costs.

SKU Product name   Price    
MACE10U-POLY Macedonia 10 Denari, 2018, P-New, UNC, Polymer
  • Price:$0.89 USD
MALDUNL5U-2017 Maldives 5 Rufiyaa, 2017, P-A26, UNC, Polymer
  • Price:$0.89 USD
NICA208U Nicaragua 10 Cordobas, 2014, P-209, UNC, Polymer
  • Price:$0.89 USD
RUSSUNL100U-2018 Russia 100 Rubles, 2018, P-New, UNC, Polymer
  • Price:$3.79 USD
HONG401DU Hong Kong 10 Dollars, 2014, P-401d, UNC, Polymer
  • Price:$2.09 USD
MALD26U Maldives 10 Rufiyaa, 2015, P-26, UNC, Polymer
  • Price:$1.19 USD
ROMA111aU Romania 2,000 Lei, 1999, P-111a, UNC, Polymer
  • Price:$1.89 USD
MALA51U Malaysia 1 Ringgit, 2012, P-51a, UNC, Polymer
  • Price:$0.89 USD
BRUN35U-2013 Brunei 1 Ringgit, 2013, P-35, UNC, Polymer
  • Price:$1.59 USD
MEXI122U-2013-X Mexico 20 Pesos, 2013, P-122, UNC, Series X, Polymer
  • Price:$1.99 USD
NICA209U Nicaragua 20 Cordobas, 2014, P-210, UNC, Polymer
  • Price:$1.69 USD
PARA228cU Paraguay 2,000 Guaranies, 2011, P-228c, UNC, Polymer
  • Price:$1.49 USD
PARA234U Paraguay 5,000 Guaranies, 2011, P-234, UNC, Polymer
  • Price:$1.79 USD
MACE50U-POLY Macedonia 50 Denari, 2018, P-New, UNC, Polymer
  • Price:$1.89 USD
PAPU28cU Papua New Guinea 2 Kina, 2013, P-28c, UNC, Polymer
  • Price:$1.69 USD
COST274U-2013 Costa Rica 1,000 Colones, 2013, P-274, UNC, Polymer, Series B
  • Price:$3.39 USD
NICA210U Nicaragua 50 Cordobas, 2014, P-211, UNC, Polymer
  • Price:$2.39 USD
MOZA149AU Mozambique 20 Meticais, 2011, P-149a, UNC, Polymer
  • Price:$1.39 USD
SAMO31dU Samoa 2 Tala, ND 1990, P-31e, UNC, Polymer
  • Price:$3.39 USD
SET-EURO-15 Zero Euro 15 Piece Full Set, 2017, UNC, Polymer Banknote w/ Matching Serial Set
  • Price:$79.99 USD
NIGE39hU Nigeria 10 Naira, 2013, P-39d, UNC, Polymer
  • Price:$0.89 USD
NIGE40eU Nigeria 50 Naira, 2015, P-40e, UNC, Polymer
  • Price:$1.69 USD
NICA211U Nicaragua 100 Cordobas, 2012, P-212, UNC, Polymer
  • Price:$5.69 USD
HOND93BU Honduras 20 Lempiras, 2008, P-95, UNC, Polymer
  • Price:$1.89 USD
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