In the USA, American football started and many fans are very happy.  Professional football games are being played and some of the college conferences are also playing.  I tried to find a banknote or even a commemorative coin that features this American sport, but I failed.  What is closest to American football?  Rugby.  And even more specifically Rugby 7s. 

American Football | Comparable to Rugby
American Football | Comparable to Rugby
Source: Pixabay

The most famous Rugby 7 team is the 2016 Fiji team that won the inaugural Rugby 7s Olympic gold medal in Rio de Janeiro.  For those that have not watched Rugby 7s, please do.  For fans and banknote collectors, you can see the Fiji team commemorated in a Fiji 7 dollar banknote. 

Fiji 7 Dollars | 2017 | P-120 | Featuring the Rugby 7's National Rugby Team |
Fiji 7 Dollars | 2017 | P-120 | Featuring the Rugby 7’s National Team |
Source: Banknote World

This banknote is one of the most highly collected commemorative note.  The banknote is very attractive.  On the front it shows star player Osea Kolinisau running for a score on a background of the Fiji ocean blue.  The print is so energetic, it looks like Osea is jumping off the paper.  On the back is a portrait of the entire team.  The win, the team and the banknote are all points of pride for the Fijian people. 

Every collector should have one.

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