Banknote and Coin collecting is fun and interesting. To get the maximum from your collection you need to be able to look at the unique and intricate details and you need to be able to protect your investment from wear and tear. After all, the resale value is tied to the condition.

Inspecting coins and banknotes with magnifying glass
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First, you should handle your coins and banknotes with gloves. Human sweat and oils can cause rust, oxidation and discoloration on coins. And just a little sebum on a banknote can drop the value significantly. 

Cotton Coin Gloves Used to Handle Coins
Source: Banknote World

Banknotes and coins should be stored in archival grade plastic capsules or pouches. Lindner is most trusted brand name for these accessories. Once in these protective containers, gloves are no longer needed to handle your collection. Graded notes from PMG and PCGS plus Authenticated notes under the TAP name already come in these pouches to better protect your investment.

Linder plastic sleeves used to protect banknotes
Source: Banknote World

As a collector, one of the most interesting aspects is to look closely at your coins and banknotes. Magnifying lenses of at least 10X and preferably 40X can reveal complex line structures, latent images and microprint. It is amazing how much detail your currency has. The other accessory that is important is a UV light. Many banknotes have colored images either printed on the banknote, embedded in fibers or included in in the security thread- sometimes also called a ribbon. 

UV light used to detect security features on a banknote
Source: Banknote World

Acquiring these accessories will enhance your enjoyment of your banknote and coin collection and open a new world to your hobby.

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