In the first 2 summertime banknote blogs, we looked at 12 beautiful banknotes that focused on sea life and especially underwater fish and coral.  But summer often means vacation, beaches and boating.  In this blog, we are counting down the top 7 banknotes that feel like summer show summer scenes.

7. 1990 Jamaica $1 P-68ad

Jamaica 1 Dollar | 1990 | P-68Ad
Source: Banknote World Educational

This summertime banknote has nice pastel colors and a detailed image of the water scene.  Flowers on front and back add nice images to frame the landscape.

6. 1987 Morocco 200 Dirham P-66e

Morocco 200 Dirhams | 1987 | P-66e
Source: Banknote World Educational

Morocco has a long history of using nice colors and regional images. In this note, they include on the reverse images that remind us that Morocco has a large coast and a large connection to water. The coral, shells and sailing ship are well integrated.

5. 2018 Norway 500 Kroner P-56a

Norway 500 Kroner | 2018 | P-56a
Source: Banknote World Educational

Norway banknotes are always interesting. This summertime banknote shows a sailing ship, shells, charts and a puffin. On the reverse, there is also a geometric representation of waves and the sun.  It is an abstract concept, but really well done.

4. 2018 Guernsey 20 Pounds Sterling P-63a

Guernsey 20 Pounds | 2018 | P-New
Source: Banknote World

Guernsey is a channel island with a strong link to the water.  This note has a well thought out and colorful reverse.  It is a great blend of history, sailing and local summer flowers.  The overall color scheme is also bright and cheerful.

3. 2017 Vanuatu 5,000 Vatu P-19

Vanuatu 5,000 Pounds | 2017 | P-19
Source: Banknote World Educational

Vanuatu designed a polymer summertime banknote with large windows- one of them a shell. Water and island life and represented on both sides in a blend of pastel colors. Even the large clown fish that looks like it is going to eat women in a canoe seems to work in this design.

2. 2016 Vietnam 200,000 Dong P-123h

Vietnam 200,000 Dong | 2016 | P-123
Source: Banknote World

Vietnam has weather that is summer all-year-round.  But what I really like about this polymer banknote is the use of colors and a detailed water scene.  Ho-chi Min is very happy in this design which just adds to the pleasant appeal of this banknote.

1. 2000 New Zealand $10 P-190b

New Zealand 10 Dollars | 2000 | P-190
Source: Banknote World Educational

New Zealand created a complex and beautiful commemorative banknote for the year 2000.  There are dozens of images showing water sports, and even winter sports (New Zealand is in the Southern Hemisphere so you can ski ‘in the summer’).  The shock of yellow on the obverse breaks up all of the blue used.  But it is the reverse where this polymer summertime banknote really shines.  It is constant action.  The NZ10 is an excellent representative of this category.

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