So, What has Banknote World been up to?

2020 is now in full swing! We’d love to give you a synopsis of 2019.

5 years ago, Banknote World was a team of 2 people. By the end of 2019, we are a team of over 20 highly dedicated professionals spread across 3 continents.  Our team is working to source the highest quality banknotes, present them in the best way and deliver them right to our customers doorsteps. We have no plans on stopping! We pride ourselves on having the largest selection of authentic banknotes in the market and we take great care to maintain their condition, quality and integrity. We have also been investing in our marketing, educational information and web presence. 

From a stronger marketing and website presence, expanding to a bigger headquarter office, onboarding new passionate employees, introducing the T.A.P Promise and continuing to add new banknotes; Banknote World is stronger than ever!

Stronger Marketing/Web Presence

Instagram Page
Twitter page

Our expanded marketing team is up and running! We have now have roughly 11,000 subscribers around the world that get our latest updates, blogs, newsletters, educational information and promotions! With this extraordinary growth we have been able to launch Banknote World YouTube informational videos, interviews and the latest website updates put us in the lead digitally! Banknote World also thought having just a “Shop” website wasn’t enough, so we then created the Educational website, were we describe each banknote, by country with background history and images! We have grown our Social media presence on the most used platforms: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and more! The great part about this? We are just getting started!

Expanding to a New Office

In August 2019, Banknote World went from 3,100 sq. foot space in Irvine, California to double the size in Stanton, California! With this expansion we can process double the number of banknotes and created more space for our growing team! Because of this we’re able to take on more orders and have the staff to support this!

We have been able to add staff members to handle our increasing orders and take on bigger challenges! From new operations roles to marketing positions, we’re adding passionate employees that are eager to hit the ground running and support our mission of being the best and most trusted supplier in the collector market.

Banknote World’s very own TAP Program

We created TAP, another way for us to provide trust between ourselves and our customers.

“Banknote World’s TAP (Trust, Authenticate, Protect) authentication procedures ensures that all products we sell are authentic, while many sellers cannot make the same promise. Banknote World’s TAP certified products will now come in a custom protective and tamper resistant sleeve. Each product will include authenticity information, a unique Authentication Number and QR code. The unique QR code can be used to lookup your specific banknote and prove your ownership of each authenticated banknote!”

Banknote World

T.A.P Promise
T.A.P features

Where Are We Going Now?

For several years, our CEO Abdullah has paved the way with for us to become not only the connection between Central Banks and collectors, but educators in our industry. This year we plan on targeting a wider audience, creating new exclusive products that all consumers will enjoy, taking our TAP program to the next level and continuing to build a solid foundation as the leading educators in our industry.

Stay tuned in, we’re up for a great year!

2 thoughts on “Banknote World: Bigger and Better than ever!

  1. salvadorparisi

    Banknote World team, congratulations for your dedication and work. I’m from Brazil and I collect banknotes from Brazil and Queen Elizabeth II.
    I wish you much success.

    1. Banknote World Post author

      Thank you Parisi, we appreciate your great feedback and we are glad that you like our work 🙂


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