We are taking this time to write more in depth about our TAP graded banknotes and what makes them more special compared to similar products in the numismatic market. After reviewing the banknote grading market we found that there are currently major player such as PMG and PCGS who do a good job grading banknotes but, there is still something left to be had. It’s 2021 and more people are integrating technology in their lives to make things easier and more transparent. Also, with the rise of cryptocurrency there is even talks about integration on to the block chain.

Why TAP Grading?

Our market research has led us to the conclusion that many people who purchase currency online do not get much guarantee that what they are buying is completely authentic, only word of mouth. As a result, our Trust Authenticate Protect (TAP Grading) promise, guarantee’s each customer that what they purchase from us is 100% authentic and they can rest assured that their investment is secure.

TAP graded products are packaged in a custom protective and tamper proof sleeve. Also each sleeve includes authenticity information, a unique Authentication Number, and a QR code. The unique QR code can be used to look up your specific banknote on our website and prove ownership of each TAP authenticated banknote.

TAP Grading Scale – UNC
Source: BNW

You can easily prove the authenticity of your banknote with the click of a button. In addition, only Banknote World is authorized to package and sell TAP graded banknotes under the TAP Authentication guarantee.

Our TAP Grading scale:

  • 60-70 Uncirculated – No evidence of handling, creases, soiling.
  • 50-59 About Uncirculated – Has some very light corner creases or fold
  • 40-49 Extremly Fine – Normal handling and also circulation marks but, all ink present
  • 20-39 Very Fine – Some soiling, lack of crispiness, minor loss of ink.
  • 12-19 Fine – Well worn, images hard to see, folds and possible writing
  • 4-11 Very Good – Banknote is intact. However it has soiling but, ink or paper may be missing.
  • 1-3 Poor – Heavy circulation, with heavy wear and tear. Limp, torn missing ink, has graffiti.

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