Benjamin Franklin is an American author, scientist, and statesman. He is most famous for being one of the Founding Fathers of America and for his pioneering scientific research on electricity. He is also known for being the premier agent of the United States to France during the American Revolution and a delegate to the Constitutional Convention.  

Young Benjamin Franklin Working At A Printing Press | Source: Wikipedia

Early Life

Born as the tenth son of a candle and soap artisan on January 17, 1706, Benjamin Franklin was not afforded many luxuries, including education, during his childhood. He learned how to read at an early age. In addition had one year in grammar school and private tutoring, and was formally educated until he was ten years old. Two years later, at the age of 12, he apprenticed as a printer to his brother, James. Benjamin developed his writing skills during his apprenticeship and was first published in the New England Courant at 16 under the alias “Silence Dogood”.

Benjamin’s Franklin kite in a dangerous electrical storm | Source: AS

After leaving his family home in Boston at the age of 17, Franklin moved to Philadelphia and was eventually able to set up a printing business. His printing business grew, and Franklin started his political, philosophical, and scientific ventures. His studies and discoveries on electricity were internationally published and accepted. He also became a member of the Philadelphia City Council, eventually working his way up to becoming a royal office holder. However, that position was compromised and he went back to America. Franklin was immediately elected to the Second Continental Congress. He was sent to France to look for military aid and diplomatic recognition. Due to his image of being a democratic folk genius from America, Franklin became somewhat of a celebrity to the French aristocracy. This helped him secure much-needed aid for the American Revolution to succeed.  

USA 100 Dollars Novelty / Fantasy Gold | Source: Banknote World

Banknotes Ft. Benjamin Franklin

As a testament to his legacy in American history, Benjamin Franklin is on every version of the 100 US dollar bill. This ncludes novelty bills. His portrait graces the obverse side while Independence Hall is on the reverse side. The 100 dollar bill is the largest denomination that has been printed and circulated by the Federal Reserve since July 13, 1969. The bill was first issued in 1914.  

China – Chinese Hell Money – Heaven Money 10,000 Dollars Fantasy Banknote | Source: Banknote World

Other countries have also honored Benjamin Franklin and included his portrait in different coins and banknotes. This includes the 10,000-dollar joss money from China. The Life of Franklin coin series from the Cook Islands, and a commemorative 10-euro coin from France.  

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