Polymer Vs. Paper – An Update

It has been a year since the Bank of England issued the 20 pound note on polymer. And the Bank has now added DeLaRue as a supplier of polymer substrate. Is this the tipping point against paper banknotes, that polymer… Read More

Does Animation Help Authentication?

Recent banknote design has been incorporating sophisticated and eye-catching overt features. Four different technology advances have led the way. SICPA’s Spark Live is a printed color shift ink that includes movement during the color changing. Crane has its micro-optic effects… Read More

1932 $10 Golden Eagle Coin

The history of precious metal coins has many strange stories. The Titanic vault was believed to have a large cache of silver and gold coins. Al Capone’s vault was thought to have bags of gold and silver when Geraldo Rivera opened it… Read More

The Honduras 5 Lempiras Banknote

The 2014 Honduras 5 Lempiras banknote deserves special attention. This Lempira note, printed by Oberthur, has a very detailed vignette of the Battle of Trinidad. The battle is an important aspect of Honduran history and independence but from a collector perspective, the… Read More