World Money Mondays: Australia

The second of its series for World Money Mondays, we will be channeling our inner Aussie and exploring the Australian banknotes, particularly the 10$ banknote from 1988 because of its significance to banknote history. This banknote is one of the… Read More
Beaches of Cook Islands, Graphic of Ina and the Shark.

World Money Mondays: Cook Islands

Background Information ?The banknotes from the Cook Islands are unique in so many ways- color, denomination, animals and symbolic monuments. While some very small island nations only have novelty banknotes, the Cook Islands’ banknotes are in circulation and are used… Read More

Top 5 Island Banknotes

With 180 currencies around the world and over two thousand islands neighboring the seas, we’ve narrowed it down to five of the most captivating and compelling banknotes. 5. Maldives 5 Rufiyaa, 2017 One of the most beautiful island notes (in… Read More