coin collecting for kids

Coin collecting for kids – Growing up, some of the fondest memories for a child involve sitting down with their mom, dad or even grandfather, and going through their coin collection to learn more about each coin’s origin. As their collection grows, the satisfaction and joy of coin collecting will teach them lasting life lessons they wouldn’t have learned elsewhere. Starting a coin collection for your child has many rewards so no matter your budget, you’ll be able to start a hobby at even the youngest of ages.

5 Lessons Taught Through Coin Collecting for Kids

Value of Money and Math

The first lesson taught while growing your child’s collection is the importance and value of money. As a capitalistic nation, growing up with the knowledge of money and how to handle it can boost anyone’s confidence in future business endeavors. While learning about money, kids will also learn about math; five pennies make a nickel, five nickels make a quarter, etc.

Improve Organizational Skills

A coin collection is all about organization. Separating each coin by year, state, and mint-making will transfer over to keeping their everyday life in order as well. By learning to organize their coins, kids are building a set of skills and self-discipline that they will use for the rest of their life. These skills will show in their school work, managing assignments, and projects, and will help them later in life.

Encouraging Interest in History and Culture

State coins, like the Nevada state coin, give kids a glimpse of the past or the state’s culture. Each coin holds a story which kids can journey down avenues of interest. One day learning about how Nevada holds 50% of the nation’s wild horses, then the next learning about its Hoover Dam.

Teach Responsibility and Goal Setting

When a kid starts a coin collection, there is a clear goal in sight which is to fill an entire coin book. A kid’s collection book can have all sorts of information that teaches kids about history and life, but the most important thing it can teach is striving to complete their goals. By giving a child a coin collecting book, they are given a goal and a responsibility towards completing that goal.

Give them something to be Proud of

In the beginning, it can seem daunting with so many open slots. but with each new addition, a sense of pride grows. It gives kids something to be excited about and show off to family and friends. With every exclamation and bright smile, those kids build memories that will last a lifetime.

Kids learn and grow in so many ways. With coin collecting, you can show them the world through the diversity and meaning of coins.

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