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Every government has its deep dark secrets, those skeletons in the closet that everyone knows but no one talks about. However, with all the scandals and cover ups, can they really be true? Maybe it’s Justin your imagination. That’s just what the people at the top want you to think. That it’s all a conspiracy.

Warning! These are the top conspiracies on recent political figures:

The JFK Assassination

This one’s a bit of an oldie and involves the assassination of President Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson. According to poll result, 20% of Americans at the time believed that Johnson had Kennedy killed so he could become president though it had more to do than stepping up from vice president to become president.

Some allegations say that Johnson was afraid of being dropped from the democratic ballot for the next election, and others (including Kennedy’s secretary) believed that Kennedy was going to replace Johnson as vice president. According to his secretary, Kennedy was considering making progressive reforms during the next election if he was voted in and he would need a different VP that believed as he did, and that was not Johnson.

Three days after that conversation, he was assassinated. Others stepped forward with possible evidence against Johnson including the testimony of someone claiming to be his mistress and allegations of smudged fingerprints of associated of Johnson found in the same building the shooter was in.

President Bushs Involvement in 9/11

A more chilling conspiracy is the belief that President Bush knew about the 9/11 attacks in advance and let it happen anyway. This theory examines whether the Bush Administration or the United States Armed Forces were as unaware of the coming attacks and just how much intelligence did they have on al-Qaeda’s activities in the US.

There are reports that claim that the US received several warning about al-Qaeda’s attack from several countries such as France and Egypt throughout the year prior to the attack. There is also speculation that maybe not Bush, but someone else, may have known prior as there was unusually high trade of airline stocks in the days before 9/11.

Bush Body Count vs. Clinton Body Account

Another conspiracy is the Bush Body Count that claims various members of the bush family were responsible for several deaths including that of JFK.

This conspiracy gained a sequel of sorts with the Clinton Body Count, a conspiracy much like the Bush Body Count that states that during the time of his presidency, Clinton had several of his associates assassinated by a variety of means. This list of associates, who’s deaths were a part of some plot of Clinton, reaches 50 to 60 people long and included 34 suicides, accidental deaths, and unsolved murders. The list was compiled by Linda Thompson, who led the pro second amendment group, American Justice Federation. The list was posted on their Bulletin board system. Later, investigations found many deaths had detailed records which made assassination unlikely.

President Obamas Birthplace

Finally, for a more recent theory that does not, for once, involve assassination but does go into the redundant questions and conspiracies revolving around President Obama’s birthplace. If you want to see “digging” in action, just look at this theory; every little piece of it is nitpicked and questioned:

Was Obama born in the US? Yes, he was born in Hawaii, according to his birth certificate. Is it a forgery? No, it’s the real deal. There’s no evidence he was actually born in Hawaii. Actually, his parents put in an ad in the paper celebrating his birth. What is it’s a fake? Are you asking if every newspaper that printed that ad at his birth is a fake? No one remembers him being there! Except the governor of Hawaii and his kindergarten teachers. All the hospitals deny he was born in their hospital. All except one.

In the end, there are some conspiracies that make you wonder and others that you laugh at with friends. And when all is said and done, who truly knows the truth behind it all.

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