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Conspiracy theories exist in many forms, and they envelope many pieces of our modern day world. Whether these philosophies are rooted in suspicion, mistrust, or are simply a product of curious and probing minds, they exist to make us all wonder.

In fact, some of the most present and popular conspiracy theories revolve around the ever-present pursuit and possession of money. Countless movies have been produced on account of monetary legends, such as National Treasure, starring Nicolas Cage. Whether you choose to believe any for yourself, we just want to open your eyes to a few of these almost unbelievably cool and bizarre conspiracies.

1. The American One Dollar Bill and the Freemasons

The Freemasons were members of the widespread secret order of “Free and Accepted Masons,” who pledged brotherly love, faith, and charity. There are many conspiracy theories surrounding the Freemasons and the origins of America, most of which revolve around the one-dollar bill.

People suggest various indications of their influence ranging from the presence of a triforce symbol, a nod to the goddess of wisdom, to the all-seeing eye above the uncapped pyramid. Even to the words around the bill are up for curious discussion, which predicts the coming of the “new secular order.”

Source: The Daily Mail/Steven Senne

Source: Gizmodo

2. The Eye of Providence on the British 20 Pound Note

Queen Elizabeth II sits in purple on the British 20-pound note. That, however, is not the focus when it comes to this conspiracy theory.

At the very center of the note, there is a rose surrounded by interconnected lines, and directly beneath them sits The Bank of England. The concept lies within all of the bolder lines in this area and, and by outlining them in different ways, you will notice an entire set of geometrical figures. There is an array of suspicious symbols: the pagan and satanic stars, as well as the Star of David. However, when all these symbols are put together, one can see the Illuminati pyramid.

People suggest too, that the rose and the set of stars might represent the Eye of Providence (or the “all-seeing eye”) that tops the pyramid, which, in this case, must represent The Bank of England.

Source: Advanceloan.net

3. Illuminati Symbol Hidden in the Australian Five Dollar Bill

If you happen to have an Australian five-dollar bill in your possession, try this trick out yourself. Hold the bill up to the sun or to a light and look through the eye of the Queen. You may notice that it looks eerily similar to the eye on the American one-dollar bill. Even more importantly, if you hold the bill up so that the Queen is facing away from you, you will be able to see her eye quite clearly over the pyramid on the reverse side.

Source: Currency Guide

4. $20 bill and the Twin Towers

When folded a certain way, the U.S. twenty dollar bill will form the Twin Towers on the face. Consequently, when folded even further, some people believe to see an image of the smoking towers and, on the reverse side, a burning image of the Pentagon.

Many people have thought this theory was a sign by United States government or from a higher power foreshadowing the horrific events that took place in New York on September 11th, 2001. Some people believe to see an image of the smoking towers and, on the reverse side, a burning image of the Pentagon.

Source: The Order of Things

5. September 11 and the Other Bills Conspiracy Theories

Where the five dollar bill supposedly depicts the Pentagon and the World Trade Center before the attacks, the ten dollar bill is supposed to focus on the building that stood in front of the Twin Towers.

On the fifty dollar bill, people believed that they saw one of the towers crumbling and on the one-hundred dollar bill predicted the cloud of smoke after the towers collapsed. It’s a story of our Nation’s most dramatic and dreadful event expressed perfectly in the numerical order of our currency.

 Source: ConspiracyCards.com

Now, while many of these theories do indeed seem far-fetched, someone can see the slight spookiness in it when given a little imagination. Whether these ideas spur from distrust, fear, or simple curiosity, it is evident that most of these money conspiracy theories are entertaining and mind-blowing for all.

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  1. AkQueen

    yes it is of value!
    Dont underestimate any symbolism you find on any currency or bank notes they all have a deeper meaning then people may ever know. Us currency has MANY secret symbols along with other currencies. Secret Societies have put there symbols all over and we need to all end together to decipher them all and understand what each symbol stands for.


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