The Paris of South America is what Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina has been called. Argentina neighbors Brazil, Uruguay and Chile as well as Bolivia and Paraguay. The capital Buenos Aires is the shinning beacon of the country but, the rest of the country is equally beautiful and its why many people come to visit each year. Although in the recent years Argentina has been in the spotlight due to its shaky economy and ever growing inflation that shouldn’t let you from reviewing and learning about their banknotes. Read along to learn about banknotes featuring Eva Peron.

Juan & Eva Peron | Source: Wikipedia

The History of Eva

One notable figure on Argentinian banknotes is former first lady María Eva Duarte who many know as Eva Peron. She served as first lady from 1946-1952 while her husband Juan Peron served as president of Argentina. Although she was in a very high position in society, she actually came from very humble beginnings. At the age of 15 she moved to the city of Buenos Aires where she eventually gained success as a radio and film actress, in addition to becoming a well known activist and feminist. As first lady she is highly regarded due to her contributions to the working class in terms of trade unions, labor rights, as well as women’s rights. In addition she founded the charitable Eva Peron Foundation. Its purpose was to uplift the poor and working class all over the country through means of education, as well as building schools, homes, hospitals and orphanages.

Funeral of Eva Peron | Source: Mirro UK

In 1951, she ran for Vice President and she received a lot of support, however, due to her declining health, receded her candidacy. She passed away a year later in 1952. She is a recipient of a state funeral upon her death. The state funeral is extremely symbolic because it is usually only for heads of the state.

Eva Peron Banknotes

Argentina 100 Pesos Banknote | 2012 ND | Ft. Eva Peron | Source: Banknote World

The Argentina 100 pesos banknote from 2012 commemorates the 60th Anniversary of Eva Evita Peron’s death. The right part of the banknotes obverse has the portrait of Maria Eva Duarte de Peron. The front also features flowers, a tree, and an olive branch. The reverse features the Ara Pacis Augustae or the Altar of Augustan Peace in Rome. In 2022 a new series of Argentinian Pesos was presented to the public. They will start circulating towards the end of 2022. One new banknote is the new 100 Peso banknote which also features Eva. There is a large high quality portrait of her on the obverse. The quality is that of a photograph. You can also find floral patterns on the background. The reverse side also features an image of Eva Peron but, amongst a crowd of women and children. What do you think of Eva Peron being featured on banknotes?

Argentina 100 Pesos Banknote To Be Released 2022 | Ft Eva Peron | Source: Central Bank of Argentina

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      The 2022 family has been marketed as only a new family of banknotes but, they didn’t say that it was commemorative.

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      Hi Wayne, the proposed new banknote has been put on hold by the Central Bank due to cost of printing banknotes and also the incoming president wants to replace the Argentinian Peso with the US Dollar


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