Most people believe luck is just superstition and a figment of our imagination. Others believe that it’s a result of wise decisions made beforehand. Whatever you may think of it, in some cultures it has made its way into everyday life, traditions and is the subject of folklore. One country where luck is engrained into culture is China. In China there are animals, colors, plants/fruits and even numbers that correlate to good luck. Many consider colors like red and yellow good luck. Red symbolizes joy and festivity. The color yellow symbolizes wealth and power. In Chinese culture the numbers 8, 9, 6 and 2 are the luckiest. Especially the number 8 because it represents fortune/prosperity, in addition 88 represents Double Happiness. Read along to learn how Fiji has implemented 88 Cents on its recent banknote.

Memorabilia Ft. Chinese God of Wealth / Other Good Luck Charms | Source: AS

Fiji Commemorative Banknotes

Over the years Fiji has been a leader in commemorative banknotes. Some of their notable releases are the $7 Dollars 2022, $7 Dollars 2017, and also the $50 Dollars, 2020. All have made huge waves across the numismatic industry and caught the eyes of banknote collectors and investors. Earlier this week on Monday August 8, 2022 the Reserve Bank of Fiji officially released the legal tender 88 Cents numismatic banknote. There are only 3.6 million pieces released in addition it was designed and printed in conjunction with De La Rue.

Fiji 88 Cents – First of It’s Kind

The theme of this banknote revolves around a fusion of Fijian and Chinese culture as well as good luck, prosperity, and wealth. Keeping with the theme its only right that a special 88 Cent denomination was chosen for this banknote. It’s also the only banknote in the world with this denomination. As mentioned, before it’s thought to be the luckiest number. The banknote is colored in yellow and red with a few hints of green. The obverse design features a large hibiscus flower on the right side as well as the Fijian coat of arms. The visible security feature on the front is a golden Optically Variable Ink (OVI) hibiscus flower in addition to the number 88 next to it.

Fiji 88 Cents – Obverse | 2022 | Source: Reserve Bank of Fiji

While the obverse design features a more traditional Fijian design the reverse consists of mostly Chinese elements. The most notable feature is an image of the Chinese god of wealth with coins surrounding him in addition to a money tree. During the popular Lunar New Year people pay homage to the God of Wealth by burning incense at his temple and people salute each other with the phrase Gongxi Facai which translates to “Hope You Get Rich”. On the lower right side you can find text rading: Good luck & good fortune. May prosperity be yours. What do you think about this latest release?

Fiji 88 Cents – Reverse | 2022 | Source: Reserve Bank of Fiji

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