Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was originally published in the early 1800’s, and it has had a profound impact on our culture. It has been credited with helping to create the modern horror genre. Shelley wrote her novel during a time when people were fascinated with science and technology—so much so that they were willing to experiment with things like electricity in order to try and create life themselves (or at least something close). This fascination with science led to popular interest in Frankenstein’s monster as well because he represented the dangers of messing with nature while trying to play God (or scientist).

Portrait of Mary Shelley – Author of Frankenstein | Source: Wikipedia /Richard Rothwell

Beginning of Frankenstein

The novel was originally published anonymously in 1818, but Shelley later revealed herself as the author. The story is about a scientist who attempts to create life from dead body parts and electricity, resulting in a monster that goes on a rampage. The novel has been adapted into many different formats over the years. This includes films, television shows, plays, graphic novels, comic books, and even video games. This includes the well known 1931 film starring Boris Karloff as Frankenstein’s monster.

Cover of Frankenstein 1831 Version | Source: AS

The story of Frankenstein follows Victor Frankenstein, an ambitious scientist who creates a monster out of body parts and then abandons him without realizing his mistake until it is too late. Eventually the monster kills his brother William in addition to his fiancée Elizabeth, prompting Frankenstein to hunt him down and destroy him. The monster goes on a killing spree, and then asks his creator for help in finding love and acceptance. Victor tracks down the monster but Victor, dies from exposure to the elements. The monster sets off into the wilderness presumably to end his own life from the sorrw of Victor’s death.

Actor Peter Cushing as Victor Frankenstein In The Curse Of Frankenstein Film (1957) | Source: Wikipedia

Effects On Society

In addition to inspiring new forms of media entertainment, Frankenstein also helped shape society by creating an awareness about science that was previously seen as dangerous or evil. This novel is an early form of science fiction because it features mad scientists creating new life forms from dead bodies; however, it also explores themes such as friendship and love which have become staples of many later science fiction stories.

Spooky Characters Usually Associated With Halloween | Source: AS

The story has also had a profound influence on Halloween celebrations in the United States and around the world. Frankenstein is often depicted as a monster during Halloween festivities, which helps to reinforce the idea that monsters are real. Even though they aren’t actually there physically at all times during the year!

Frankenstein: A Coin Album | Source: Banknote World

You can also find this novel represented on currency. The Frankenstein coin album contains a farthing coin. It circulated during the reign of King George VI and the release of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Its obverse side features the bust of King George IV. Its reverse side features Britannia with a lion at her feet, a trident in her hand. In addition to a shield with the Union flag and an olive branch in her other hand. The coin weighs 4.72 g and has a diameter of 22 mm.

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