Guyana is a country on the northern coast of South America. It is the only English-speaking country on the continent, and its official name is Cooperative Republic of Guyana. The name “Guyana” comes from native Amerindian inhabitants who used to live in this area. They called it the “Land of Many Waters” or “Land of Many Rivers”. Guyana was originally inhabited by Amerindians known as Arawaks and also Caribs who migrated from South America thousands of years ago. The first Europeans to arrive were explorers did not actually establish a permanent settlement. The first European settlement was made in 1613 when Dutch settlers established themselves at Essequibo River mouth near present-day Georgetown. Read along to learn about the Guyana 2000 Dollars banknote.

Kaieteur Falls of Guyana | Source: AS

The Dutch who established settlements along with their African slaves were eventually ousted by British forces in 1796. It was during this time that Britain gained control over what would become known as British Guiana until 1966 when it became independent under its current name: “Guyana.” The long struggle was led by Cheddi Jagan and others. After independence, he became the first prime minister of the newly formed republic.

Cheddi Jagan First Prime Minister of Guyana | Source: Wikipedia

New Guyana 2000 Dollars Banknote

Last year (2022) for the 55th anniversary of Independence from Britain they launched a banknote to commemorate the date. It is said that the original launch date was supposed to be in 2021 but, due to COVID the date was pushed back. This is also the country’s first polymer banknote.

Guyana 2000 Dollars | 55 Years of Independence | 2022 | Source: Banknote World

Guyana 2000 Dollars, 2022. It comes in shades of red, green and yellow. The obverse side features a large image of the national coat of arms in the center. In the background the Guyanese flag is embedded into the design and on the right hand side is a map outline of the country with images of gold, oil, wood and also crops which symbolize the various industries inside of the country. On the lower left hand corner is text reading 55th One Guyana Independence Anniversary. The reverse side features images of children of various ethnic backgrounds to symbolize 1 single Guyana made up of different people.

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