The Faisal Mosque stands proudly in Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan. Ranked as the fifth largest mosque globally, it impresses with its vast physical dimensions and its ability to host worshippers. Named in honor of King Faisal bin Abdul-Aziz of Saudi Arabia, whose generous funding made its construction possible, it serves as a significant gift to Pakistan.

Faisal of Saudi Arabia | Source: Wikipedia

The mosque was designed by Turkish architect Vedat Dalokay, known for his modern and minimalist approach. Its design showcases clean lines and geometric shapes, blending traditional Islamic elements with contemporary principles. Careful planning went into both its design and construction to ensure both structural integrity and architectural beauty. The grandeur is enhanced by the use of white marble and Turkish-style architecture, adding to its magnificence.

Architect Vedat Dalokay | Source: Wikipedia

With a capacity to accommodate about 300,000 worshippers and the main areas capable of holding up to 74,000 people including the inner hall and courtyards. Additionally, its four minarets, each measuring 79 meters (230 feet) high and 10×10 meters in circumference, make them the tallest minarets in South Asia. The vast grounds surrounding the mosque, with a capacity of up to 200,000 people, further highlight its significance as a place of congregation and worship.

Interior View of Faisal Mosque | Source: Wikipedia

Construction on the mosque commenced in 1976, reaching completion in 1986. Led by Azim Khan, National Construction Limited of Pakistan undertook the project, backed by funding from the Saudi Arabian government, amounting to over 130 million Saudi riyals (equivalent to 120 million USD today). King Faisal bin Abdul Aziz was instrumental in securing these funds. In tribute to him after his assassination in 1975, both the mosque and its access road were named in his honor.

Aerial View of Faisal Mosque | Source: Wikipedia

Situated at the foot of the Margalla Hills, the mosque’s location offers stunning views of Islamabad and its surrounding natural beauty. It is strategically positioned at the northern end of the city, making it a prominent landmark visible from various parts of Islamabad.

Interior View of ‘fanoos’ or the Chandelier Inside Faisal Mosque | Source: Wikipedia

The Faisal Mosque holds significant cultural and religious importance for Pakistanis and Muslims around the world. It symbolizes the strong ties between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and serves as a symbol of unity and pride for the Pakistani people. Beyond its religious significance, the Faisal Mosque is also a popular tourist attraction in Islamabad. Visitors from around the world come to admire its architecture, take in the panoramic views, and experience the peaceful ambiance of the mosque and its surroundings.

Pakistan 5,000 Rupees Banknote | 2019 | Source: Banknote World

Faisal Mosque, among the world’s most iconic and expansive mosques, has been honored on Pakistani coins and banknotes. The 5,000 Rupees banknote issued in 2019 presents a portrait of Mohammed Ali Jinnah in traditional attire on the front, while the reverse side features the majestic Faisal Mosque in Islamabad alongside the State Bank logo.

Pakistan 10 Rupees Coin | 2016 | Source: Banknote World

The Pakistani rupee coins, in denominations of 1, 2, 5, and 10 rupees, are all in mint condition. The 1 rupee coin, crafted from aluminum, depicts images of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalandar Mausoleum. Made of aluminum as well, the 2 rupee coin showcases a star and crescent alongside the Badshahi Mosque. Fashioned from brass, the 5 rupee coin displays a star, crescent moon, and a floral wreath. Similarly, the 10 rupee coin, also brass-made, depicts a moon, star, and the iconic Faisal Mosque.

Pakistan 1-10 Rupees 4 Pieces Coin Set | 2016-2021 | Source: Banknote World

The Faisal Mosque stands as a masterpiece of modern Islamic architecture and serves as a center of worship, reflection, and community for Muslims in Pakistan and beyond.

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