Each year new banknotes are released by central banks and their respective mints, around the world. With these releases come new designs, new denominations, new security features, new materials, commemorative designs and also a step forward in numismatic history. The International BankNote Society (IBNS) holds a yearly voting competition on new banknotes releases for the year. This membership based organization is an educational, non for profit organization which dates back to 1961. It promotes knowledge on banknotes for historical and educational purposes for newer generations. There were over 100 new banknote releases in 2021 and the IBNS 2021 Banknote Of The Year competition was tight. The decision for the winning banknote is based on overall design, security features, historical significance and other factors. How would you choose the best banknknote each year?

Euro banknotes being printed | Source: AS

Some of the banknotes in the pool for IBNS’s best banknote of 2021 were Oman’s ½ Rial, Saudi Arabia 200 Riyals, Azerbaijan 50 Manat, Mexico 50 Pesos, Scotland 50 Pounds, England 50 Pounds, Peru 100 Soles, St Thomas & Price 200 Dobra, and lastly Cook Islands 3 Dollars. Other banknotes in the competion were China 20 Yuan, UAE 50 Dirham, Cambodia 30,000 Riyal, Romania 20 Lei and a few more but, you can find the complete list at the IBNS website (see credits-1). [Drumroll] The winner of the IBNS 2021 banknote of the year is the Mexico 50 Pesos, 2021 polymer banknote.

Mexico 50 Pesos | 2021 | P-132a.2 | Source: Banknote World

And The IBNS 2021 Winner Is?

This banknote celebrates the historical identity and also the national heritage of Mexico. It highlights the Foundation of Tenochtitlan which is now the capital Mexico City (CDMX). It’s colors consist of shades of purple, and gold. On the obverse is the back of the monolith that reflects an eagle on a cactus with the Atl tlachinolli in its beak. It also shows the mural by Diego Rivera illustrating the city of Tenochtitlan “LA GRAN TENOCHTITLAN or a VIEW FROM THE MARKET OF TLATELOLCO”, in the National Palace in Mexico City. On the reverse of the banknote are lakes and rivers featuring the axolotl and corn in Xochimilco. An interesting fact about the axolotl is that they were originally found in lake Xochimilco. Mexico City is actually built on top of this lake and in addition, its even a UNESCO world heritage site. Axolotl’s still live in the present lake.

Image of a Axolotl | Source: AS

The new banknote replaces the previous 50 Pesos banknote which comes in pink and features Jose Maria Morelos and also features Monarch butterflies from the state of Michoacan. The 100 Pesos absorbed the monarch butterflies design.

Mexico 50 Pesos | 2015 | P-123At | Source: Banknote World


Source 1: https://www.theibns.org/joomla/index.php

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