Iceland is a small Nordic country in Europe. It’s national currency is the Icelandic Krona. The word Krona means, crown. The first currency in use in the country was actually the Danish Krone. It circulated in the country until 1885 when Iceland began printing its own banknotes. They had denominations of 5, 10, 50 Kron. One of the first Krona banknotes is the 10 Kronur, 1885. Its colored in blue and white and features a portrait of King Christian IX of Denmark. The rest of the banknote is rather simple in design. It has various effigies on the edges and the denomination is placed on the outer edges. Also the reverse is plain white.

Iceland 10 Kronur | 1885 | P-2a |
Source: Banknote World Educational

Evolution of Iceland Currency

The designs of Krona stayed relatively the same until 1928 when a new series began to circulate. The new designs were very bold and modern. The 10 Kronur, 1928 is rather colorful and features an image of Jón Sigurðsson on the front left corner. On the back is an image of a waterfall. This similar design was carried on to other denominations. There was also an emergency issue of Krona during the 40’s. The 1 Krona dated 1945 is a clear example of these banknotes. They did not feature images of any significant figures. They were only 1 color and stated the denomination on the front in large test and the coat of arms on the reverse.

Iceland 10 Kronur | 1928 | P-28a |
Source: Banknote World Educational

The 1957 series of banknotes featured a brand new look that was smoother and much more modern. The Iceland 5,000 Kronur Banknote, 1961 features Einer Benediktsson on the left hand corner as well as an image of a dam. On the reverse is an image of dettifoss waterfall. The 10 Kronur also from 1961 also set the scene for future banknotes to come. It features Arngrimúr Jónsson on the front. In 2013 new designs have begun to circulate. They range from 500 to 10,000 Krones.

Iceland 10 Kronur | 1961 | P-48a |
Source: Banknote World

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