There are a number of really beautiful banknotes issued in 2020, but the Commemorative, Indonesia 75,000 Rupiah is my choice for the best banknote of the year; at least best banknote I possess. This banknote commemorates the 75th anniversary of the independence of the country. The portraits show country leaders (smiling and happy) with images that strike a balance between the past, present and future. This is highlighted on the reverse where intaglio images of Indonesian children in local regalia are spread across a pallet of the globe, Indonesian islands and a satellite. 

Indonesia 75,000 Rupiah | 2020 | P-NEW | 75th Anniversary of Independance |
Source: Banknote World

All of the colors used on the 75,000 Rupiah are rich and the use of high saturation dark green and dark red gives a powerful fell of luxury and value. The detailed lines and images hidden in these areas is beautiful and fun to explore. The is a lot of microtext and even a couple hidden monkeys in the offset printing. The banknote has a large white area with a complex watermark that duplicated the portrait images. The watermark area has a border with dark color printing to complete the design balance.

Example of Crane Micro Optic Thread Used for Security
Source: Crane Currency

Security Features Used in the 75,000 Rupiah

The 75,000 Rupiah also contains two of the most advanced overt features – SPARK LIVE and a CRANE micro-optic thread. The SPARK LIVE effect is one of the most striking I have ever seen. The effect is not the typical rolling bar one sees but a more creative zoom-in / zoom out effect integrated into an crest. The thread has a similar zoom out effect focused on the letters IB and the number 75. While it is hard to see the 75 without magnification, the effect is captivating. I only wish it was not in blue but was a color that complemented the SPARK feature or other colors.

SICPA – SPARK Live Security Feature – Also Used on the 75,000 Rupiah
Source: SICPA

The 75,000 Rupiah is a very good banknote and one that all suppliers and the Indonesian people should be very proud.   

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