The Cayman Islands have a rich history and it’s main industries are tourism and financial services. The islands have no land border; they are located in the Caribbean Sea between Cuba and Jamaica. Read along to learn about the new Cayman Islands $25 & $50 Dollars Banknotes for the 25th Anniversary of the CIMA.

Map With Location of the Cayman Islands | Source: Wikipedia

In 1670, the Cayman Islands came under British rule after secession from Spain. It wasn’t until about 1700 when settlers really started arriving. Under British rule, the Cayman Islands became known as a haven for fishermen, explorers or people living on the margins of the law who used it as a base of operations or for hunting turtles. These visitors gave rise to several legends about mermaids living there. The islands were also popular with buccaneers because they had plenty of food and water, which was important when you’re out at sea for months at a time.

Turtle Hunters Were Common In The Early History | Source: Wikimedia

Emergence as a Tourist Destination

It wasn’t until after World War II when tourism became more popular in the Cayman Islands. That’s when people started visiting these islands regularly because they had beautiful beaches with white sand beaches and turquoise waters which made them look like paradise. Since then, many different types businesses have been built such as hotels/resorts so visitors can stay longer while enjoying themselves during their vacations here too.

Cayman Islands Has Become a Very Popular Tourist Destination | Source: AS

The Cayman Islands have been self-governing since 1959. They are a British Overseas Territory and their current head of state is King Charles III. In addition they also have their own constitution and parliament. They make up part of the 14 British overseas territories along the likes of Bermuda, Virgin Islands, Falkland Islands and Gibraltar to name a few.

Cayman Islands 25 Dollars | 2022 | 25th Anniversary of CIMA | Source: Banknote World Educational

Commemorative Banknotes for 25th Anniversary of CIMA

The Cayman Islands Currency Board was the original distributor of Cayman Islands Dollar banknotes. However, in 1997 it was replaced by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority. Since then, all Cayman Islands banknote now have CIMA text written on them. In celebration of 25 Years of operation of the CIMA 2 commemorative banknotes in denominations of $25 and $50 Dollars were released in early January 2023. Both banknotes feature the same overall design as the current series except for a holographic foil patch with a 25th Anniversary of the CIMA Logo. Both still feature portraits of the late Queen Elizabeth II. The $50 Dollars features stingrays on both the obverse and reverse. While the $25 Dollars features seashells on the obverse. In addition to a hawksbill turtle, fish, and a coral reef on the reverse. Compared to other commemorative banknotes released these last few years, its design is pretty tame. Do you think they should have come up with a more intricate and stand out design?

Cayman Islands 50 Dollars | 2022 | 25th Anniversary of CIMA | Source: Banknote World Educational


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