Malawi is a landlocked country in South Central Africa. It lies between Mozambique and Zambia, with the capital at Lilongwe. It’s a mountainous country, mostly agricultural with some mineral deposits. Malawi has had a long and complicated history. This country is still very young as far as nations go, and its people have gone through some difficult times. But the economy has grown steadily since independence and poverty rates have decreased steadily too. Read along to learn about the new Malawi 5000 Kwacha banknote.

Map of Malawi | Source: AS

Britain colonized Malawi in the late 1800’s and ruled it until it became independent. They built large plantations to grow cash crops like tobacco, cotton, and tea. Malawi achieved independence on July 6, 1964. Hastings Banda was president of Malawi from 1964 to 1994 and ruled as a one-party state until 1994, when he was forced to step down after losing elections.

Hastings Banda | Source: Wikipedia

The Kwacha Currency

The national currency of the country is the Kwacha. It was introduced in 1971 replacing the previous Pound currency. It’s banknote denominations until 2022 were 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000 Kwacha. The banknotes are very colorful and feature notable members of Malawian society. In addition to notable landmarks as well as fauna and flora.

Malawi 200 Kwacha | 2016 | Source: Banknote World

One example of their current banknote family is the blue Malawi 200 Kwacha Banknote from 2016. The front side of this banknote bears the Reserve Bank of Malawi headquarters building in Lilongwe and a portrait of Rose Lomathinda Chibambo. While the reverse side shows the New Parliament building in Lilongwe.

Malawi 5000 Kwacha | 2021 | Source: Banknote World Educational

The New Malawi 5000 Kwacha Banknote

In mid 2022 the Reserve Bank of Malawi introduced a 5000 Kwacha banknote. This makes it the largest denomination banknote for Malawi. The banknote is colored in shades of purple and yellow. It features a portrait of Hastings Banda who served as prime minister also the first president of Malawi. In addition, there is a map of Malawi, as a fish, as well as the Reserve Bank of Malawi bank seal and sun. The reverse side features a large image of the Reserve Bank of Malawi, RBM bank seal, map, pile of banknotes and two people playing the drums and dancing. What do you think about the new banknote?

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