Every 4 years, various nations from the Pacific come together to celebrate camaraderie through a multi-sport event called the Pacific Games. This year the 17th Pacific Games are being held in Honiara, Solomon Islands, and its running from November 19 – December 2. There are 24 nations in total participating some of them are Samoa, Fiji, Australia, Cook Islands, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Tahiti, and Vanuatu to name a few. There are 17 sports such as archery, basketball, boxing, football (soccer), karate, sailing, swimming, tennis and weightlifting where everyone will be competing for a gold medal. Read along to learn about the Solomon Islands 10 Dollars banknote released in conjunction with the 17th Pacific Games.

Ceremony for the 17th Pacific Games | Source: SOL2023

The 17th Pacific Games celebrate friendly competitiveness through sports and help build bonds across the region. Since this is an important event for countries in the region, a commemorative Solomon Island’s 10 Dollar banknote was introduced by the Central Bank of the Solomon Islands on October 27, 2023 to celebrate the event. It is legal tender and limited in quantity.

Main Stadium Where 17th Pacific Games Will Be Held | Source: SOL2023

Let’s look at the standard issue 10 Dollars, first and compare it to the new commemorative release. The standard issue in circulation for 10 Dollars is the Solomon Islands 10 Dollars, 2017 ND. This is a red paper banknote, and its obverse side features the flag of the Solomon Islands, fish carvings, the national coat of arms, and basket weave designs. Its reverse side shows a woman making shell money and a fish.

Solomon Islands 10 Dollars | 2017 ND | Source: Banknote World

Solomon Islands 10 Dollars, 2023. This is the banknote issued to commemorate the 17th Pacific Games. This is a polymer banknote and it’s colored in red with a few hints of blue and green. The overall design is still based on the standard issue 10 Dollars banknote. These commemorative banknotes have a special SI/23 prefix not found on any regular banknotes.

Solomon Islands 10 Dollars | 2023 | 17th Pacific Games | Source: Central Bank of Solomon Islands

The obverse side features a large flag of the Solomon Islands in the center with the coat of arms on the right hand side. A new addition to the design is the “2023 Pacific Games” in the center left. Also in the see through window you can now find an eagle and the 2023 Pacific Games logo which consists of three paddles. The reverse side features athletes who are taking part in sports such as weightlifting, football, bodybuilding, basketball, and rugby. In addition you can find an image of the 2023 Pacific Games logo. What do you think about the Solomon Islands 10 Dollars released to commemorate the 17th Pacific Games ?





CBSI Launches New $10 Commemorative Banknote honoring the 17th Pacific Games

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