Nikolay Muravyov Amursky was a prominent 19th century explorer of Russia’s Far East region. He was a remarkable man who helped shape Russia’s history and culture, and many remember him remember as such. Nikolay Muravyov Amursky was born on August 23, 1809 in the city of Set Petersburg, Russia. Muravyov attended school at the Russian Page Corps military academy and graduated in 1827. After graduation he joined the Russian military forces and participated in the siege of Varna during Russia’s war against Turkey (1828-1829). Due to health reasons he retired in 1933.

Monument to Nikolay Muravyov Amursky | Source: AS

He returned to military service in 1838 and he was appointed to Governor General of Eastern Siberia in 1847. While serving as Governor General, he took part in several important exploration campaigns along the far eastern border of the Russian empire near China. In 1858 after years of exploration and expansion he Treaty of Aigun with China. This treaty recognized the Amur river as a boundary between Russia and China.

Map of Russia / China Border Post Treaty of Aigun | Source: Wikipedia

This would be one of Nikolay Muravyov Amursky’s last significant moves while in power because in 1861 he would retire, move to a more administrative role, and spend most of his days in Paris, France. Nikolay Muravyov Amursky died in 1881 and was buried at the Nikolskoye cemetery in Omsk. He is considered one of the most important Russian explorers of the Far East.

Russia 5,000 Rubles | 1997 (2010) | Source: Banknote World

There are various monuments across Russia, dedicated to him and what he did for the country. However did you know that he is present on their currency as well?The current Russia 5,000 Russian Ruble which is the largest denomination in circulation is dedicated to him. It was first introduced by the Bank of Russia in 2006 and it has a red and brown color scheme. Its obverse side shows a statue of Nikolay Nikolayevich Muravyov-Amursky, the promontory tower in Khabarovsk, and the Khabarovsk coat of arms in green SPARK. Its reverse side shows a view of the automobile bridge across the Amur River, the border between China and Russia that Muravyov negotiated.



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