The story of Noah’s ark is one that has been told around campfires, in classrooms and on Sunday mornings for generations. Noah’s Ark is one of the most famous stories across Abrahamic Religions. The story begins with God telling Noah that he was going to flood the earth. To save himself and his family, Noah is told to build an ark out of gopher wood that will be 450 ft long, 75 ft wide and 45 feet high (approximation).

Noah’s Ark Contained 2 of Every Animal | Source: AS

The Noah’s Ark has three levels inside: one at sea level where people could sleep; another above that where they kept all their food stores; finally, there was also space below deck which contained livestock like sheep as well as various types reptiles such as snakes which would have helped control pests during their trip across. Eventually the flooding ends and they make it to dry land.

Many Believe the Ark’s Remains Are Somewhere In Mt Ararat, Armenia | Source: AS

Was The Ark Ever Found?

Over the years there has been many stories of people who claim to have found or seen remains of Noah’s Ark. In addition to many expeditions to look for it. However, none of them have been definitive. It has long been believed that Noah’s Ark was found in the mountains of Ararat, Armenia. The story goes that a team of explorers discovered it in some way, but the details vary from one account to another. In some versions, it was discovered by accident when one of their animals wandered off and fell into its side; other times they were following an ancient map left behind by God himself. In the end this all brings even more questions and doubt but, in a sense the message of the story is what keeps people coming back and reflecting on it.

Armenia 500 Dram Banknote, 2017, Noah’s Ark | Source: Banknote World

Banknote Ft. Noah’s Ark

As banknote designs become more advanced, they also turn into cultural symbols of their respective countries. Since many say that remains of the ark are somewhere in Mount Ararat, Armenia their Central Bank decided to tell the tale on one of their banknotes. The Armenia 500 Dram Banknote, 2017 was issued to commemorate the Noah’s Ark. Its obverse side features a green-to-gold Rolling Star LEAD reliquary with a fragment of the Ark. Also a Friedrich Parrots woodcut of Etchmiadzin Cathedral building, Mount Ararat, the Ark as the registration device. Finally a gold-to-green SPARK Live flying dove with an olive branch in its beak. The reverse side features the Mt Ararat as seen from Chor Virap Monastery. Also animals and birds flanking Noahs family from Jacob Carolsfelds Noah Leaving the Ark woodcut and a flying eagle. Placing the note under a UV light would show an image of Noah’s Ark.

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