Lebanese Banknote History

Lebanon is a Western Asian country with a rich history. Though it is one of the smallest countries in Asia, its proximity to Israel, Palestine, Cyprus, and Syria led to its religiously diverse population and long and tumultuous history. It… Read More

Latvian Banknote History

Latvia is a small country located in Europe’s Baltic region. It neighbors countries such as Belarus, Russia, Estonia and Lithuania. It’s beauty can be seen in it’s lush forests, pastures, farms, and it even has beaches filled with white sand.… Read More

Cardano (ADA) Crypto Insight

If Bitcoin and Ethereum are considered the first and second generation cryptocurrencies, respectively, then Cardano is the “first third generation cryptocurrency.” Just like its competition, Cardano, “also called ADA (taken from the 19th-century mathematician, Ada Lovelace, the world’s first computer… Read More

Lao Kip Banknote History

Laos is a landlocked nation nestled at the center of the Indochinese Peninsula in Southeast Asia. Most parts of the country are hilly with Phou Bia as its highest elevation. The country is known for its highland tribe communities and… Read More