Does Animation Help Authentication?

Recent banknote design has been incorporating sophisticated and eye-catching overt features. Four different technology advances have led the way. SICPA’s Spark Live is a printed color shift ink that includes movement during the color changing. Crane has its micro-optic effects… Read More

1932 $10 Golden Eagle Coin

The history of precious metal coins has many strange stories. The Titanic vault was believed to have a large cache of silver and gold coins. Al Capone’s vault was thought to have bags of gold and silver when Geraldo Rivera opened it… Read More

The Honduras 5 Lempiras Banknote

The 2014 Honduras 5 Lempiras banknote deserves special attention. This Lempira note, printed by Oberthur, has a very detailed vignette of the Battle of Trinidad. The battle is an important aspect of Honduran history and independence but from a collector perspective, the… Read More

The East German Ostmark

The end of World War II and the defeat of Germany led to the partition of the country. By 1948, two countries emerged. The Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany, Deutschmark) and the Democratic Republic of Germany (East Germany, Ostmark). … Read More