The Honduras 5 Lempiras Banknote

The 2014 Honduras 5 Lempiras banknote deserves special attention. This Lempira note, printed by Oberthur, has a very detailed vignette of the Battle of Trinidad. The battle is an important aspect of Honduran history and independence but from a collector perspective, the… Read More

The East German Ostmark

The end of World War II and the defeat of Germany led to the partition of the country. By 1948, two countries emerged. The Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany, Deutschmark) and the Democratic Republic of Germany (East Germany, Ostmark). … Read More

US Mint Innovation Series Coins

The US Mint is proactive and creative in its efforts to design and issue coins that celebrate American history and culture. There is an entire generation of coin collectors that got their start collecting the US State Quarters series. This… Read More

Gibraltar Banknote History

The geographic importance of Gibraltar is obvious when looking at a map. The Straits of Gibraltar is the connection between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean and is only about 10 miles across. From a military perspective, this area has been… Read More

What is a Replacement Banknote?

The issuing of banknotes is a very controlled process. Every banknote is accounted for. Every serial number is accounted for. And for most printers, every watermark is accounted for. But what happens when errors occur during printing? Two things happen. One – error notes and… Read More