Gibraltar Banknote History

The geographic importance of Gibraltar is obvious when looking at a map. The Straits of Gibraltar is the connection between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean and is only about 10 miles across. From a military perspective, this area has been… Read More

What is a Replacement Banknote?

The issuing of banknotes is a very controlled process. Every banknote is accounted for. Every serial number is accounted for. And for most printers, every watermark is accounted for. But what happens when errors occur during printing? Two things happen. One – error notes and… Read More

Georgia On My Mind

Georgia, the country existed long before Georgia the state. While the state was named for England’s King George II, the country of Georgia was named by an Italian cartographer – Pietro Vesconte who called the area “jiorgia”, eventually changed to Georgia. Some… Read More

When Is An Overt Feature Too Big?

There have been several new overt security features that have been commercialized recently and found their way onto banknotes. These include new patches, security threads, windows, and inks. The technology advances are amazing. A modern banknote might contain micro-mirrors, magnetically oriented pigments, multi-layer… Read More