In our last blog about using paper money as decorative pieces we talked about uncut sheets. Now let’s move on to another item which can be used as a decorative piece. Its shredded money, yes you heard right, cash that has been shredded. It’s then put in a container or turned into shapes/forms. The reasoning behind this being a collector’s item is that when banknotes are damaged, take out of circulation or they have simply outrun their lifespan; central banks receive them from commercial banks or directly from consumers and exchange them for new banknotes that are not damaged.

USD Shredded Money | Source: AS

Origin Of Shredded Money As A Collectible

Its basically another form of quality control what happens to these banknotes. After central banks receive them they decide whether to completely destroy them or if the banknotes are in decent condition they shred some of them and turn them into a collectible piece. Imagine having a bundle of $10,000 dollars shredded and on your desk. These shredded USD banknotes come in various denominations and some even tell you how much actual currency has been shredded and being resold. For example this shop says they sell $150 dollars worth of currency in each small bag and there are 3. Its a fun gift to give and even educational when you think about.

Saudi Arabia 500 Riyals | Shredded Money Wrapped | Source: Banknote World

Another other country that practice this is Saudi Arabia. For example they shredded the Saudi Arabia 500 Riyals Banknote from 2016 and made it into cylindrical shape. At the moment 1 single bill of 500 Riyals has a face value of approx. $133 USD. However a brick the size of a soda can is selling for $25 USD. That would be one good bargain if you can piece the shredded bills back together right?

Shredded USD Money | Source: DCGiftshop

What do you think of shredded money and the evolution of numismatic collectibles? What would you like to see next or what do you think will happen next, especially now in the age of digital currencies?

2 thoughts on “Paper Money As A Decoration – Shredded Money

  1. Larissa Schwarz

    Hey there,

    I think we’ll have analogue money till doomsday. But more and more currencies will be printed on polymeres [which are a pain in the a** to work with as an artist] and recycling/sustainabilty will be a huge task. Most of EUR are still burnt whilst Japanese Yen are turned into toilet paper e.g.
    I’m quite sure digital currencies are having their climax these days and will remain rich man’s toys.


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