Paul Cézanne, an iconic figure in the realm of art history, revolutionized painting with his groundbreaking approach and innovative vision. Born in Aix-en-Provence, France in 1839, Cézanne embarked on a transformative artistic journey that would reshape the canvas of modern art. Overcoming initial familial opposition, he pursued his artistic aspirations with fervor, training in Paris and immersing himself in the bohemian milieu of the art world. His formative years were marked by a period of experimentation and evolution, culminating in the cultivation of his distinctive artistic style.

Picture of Paul Cézanne | Source: Wikipedia

Cézanne’s artistic prowess profoundly resonated with the Post-Impressionist movement, propelling him into the vanguard of artistic innovation. His resplendent landscapes, still lifes, and portraits were characterized by an unparalleled fusion of color, form, and perspective, heralding a seismic departure from the stylistic conventions of his era.

The Card Players | Source: Wikipedia

Central to Cézanne’s artistic ethos was his relentless quest for structural harmony and spatial depth. His paradigm-shifting approach to color, composition, and the deconstruction of form laid the groundwork for the advent of Cubism, permeating the artistic consciousness of the 20th century. Paul Cézanne’s artistic legacy stands as an ebullient testament to the transformative power of visionary creativity and the enduring resonance of artistic innovation.

Still Life With Apples & Pastries | Source: Wikipedia

He has been honored in various ways including numismatics. One example is the France 100 Francs, 1997. The obverse side of the banknote depicts a portrait of Paul Cezanne along with a depiction of his famous landscape painting “La Mer a l’Estaque in the background and an illustration of his oil painting “The Card Players” at the bottom center. The reverse side of the note features an illustration of the ‘Still-Life with Apples and Cookies’ by Paul Cezanne in 1877 and “The Card Players”. The note is equipped with a watermark image of Paul Cezanne.

France 100 Francs | 1997-1998 | Source: Banknote World

In 2006 Monnaie de Paris introduced a commemorative 1 ½ Euro coin to remember 100 years since the passing of Paul Cézanne (1906). The coin is made out of .900 silver, has a weight of 22.2g and diameter of 37mm. The obverse side of the coin shows a large portrait of Paul Cézanne. While the reverse side shows a representation of the painting The Card Players. In addition you can find text that reads LIBERTY – EQUALITY – FRATERNITY.

Euro 1½ Euros | 2006 | Paul Cézanne | Source: Numista


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