Roughly from the late 17th century to the early 18th century, during proprietary rule, the Bahamas earned the notorious distinction of being a haven for pirates, including the The archipelago attracted some of the most infamous buccaneers in history, including the infamous Blackbeard (circa 1680–1718). The image of piracy in the Bahamas was characterized by a combination of lawlessness, strategic seafaring, and clashes with imperial powers. The pirates would often raid towns and loot valuable resources. Seeking to restore order, Britain declared the Bahamas a crown colony in 1718, under the governance of Woodes Rogers, effectively putting an end to the “Pirates’ republic.” Read along to learn about The Bahamas CRISP Revolution Banknotes series.

Disneyland 1 Disney Dollar | 2007 | Source: Banknote World

This Disney 1 Dollar banknote from 2007 is part of the Pirates of the Caribbean series, featuring on its obverse the Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End logo. It also shows the 20 years of Disney Dollars logo, Peter Pan’s Tinkerbell, and the signature of Scrooge McDuck. On the reverse is the Empress junk boat. 

Headquarters of Central Bank of Bahamas | Source: Central Bank of Bahamas / Twitter

Perhaps, the Bahamas has learned from its tumultuous past that it has taken innovative steps to reinforce its commitment to stability and security. One striking example is the issuance of CRISP (Counterfeit Resistant Integrated Security Product) banknotes. 

Logo for Bahamas CRISP Evolution Banknotes | Central Bank of Bahamas

The CRISP family of banknotes was first introduced between 2005 and 2009 and is designed to combat forgeries. In 2016, the Central Bank of the Bahamas began introducing the CRISP Evolution issues, bearing enhanced security features but with the same designs and motifs with the previous CRISP banknotes. The new CRISP Evolution banknotes are in denominations of half a dollar, one, three, five, ten, twenty, fifty, and one hundred dollars.  

The CRISP Evolution Banknotes 

Bahamas 1/2 Dollar CRISP Banknote 

Bahamas 1/2 Dollar | 2019 | CRISP | Source: Banknote World

Featuring Queen Elizabeth II on its obverse, the Bahamas half a dollar note comes in gray with highlights of green, blue, lilac, red, coral. The note’s reverse depicts Sister Sarah in the Straw Market. Below her is the national arms. The note’s security features consist of a windowed security thread with demetalized BAHAMAS and sand dollar,  a sand dollar registration device,  a windowed security, and watermark designs of Queen Elizabeth II and an electrotype watermark $½. 

Bahamas 1 Dollar Banknote 

The Bahamian dollar banknote’s obverse features the flower of Lignum vitae and the Father of the Bahamas Nation, Lynden O. Pindling. The reverse is designed with the Royal Bahamas police band, the national arms, and a drum major holding a staff. The Bahamas 1 Dollar note’s security features consist of a  green-to-gold windowed security thread with demetalized $1 ONE, and a watermark that shows Lynden Pindling, and an electrotype watermark $1.  

Bahamas 1 Dollar Banknote | 2017 | Source: Banknote World

Bahamas 3 Dollars Banknote 

The Bahamas 3 Dollar banknote that comes with a color blend of  burgundy, brown, red, lavender, and yellow features a passion flower and Queen Elizabeth II on its obverse. Depicted on its vertical-oriented reverse is a dock scene with large sailboats. The note’s security features are a sand dollar registration device, purple-to-red SPARK chain links, and a green-to-gold windowed security thread with demetalized BAHAMAS and sand dollar. It also contains a watermark that reveals Queen Elizabeth II with an electrotype $3.  

Bahamas 3 Dollars | 2019 | TAP 60-70 Authenticated | Source: Banknote World

Bahamas 5 Dollars CRISP Banknote 

On the obverse of the Bahamas 5 Dollars Banknote is a picture of the Free National Movement founder, Sir Cecil Wallace-Whitfield, a flower, and the map of the country. Meanwhile, its reverse displays Junkanoo dancers and the coat of arms. The yellow note has highlights of red, green, blue, and lilac.  It has a watermark showing Sir Cecil Wallace-Whitfield and the numeral $5.  

Bahamas 5 Dollars Banknote | 2020 | CRISP | Source: Banknote World

Bahamas 10 Dollars Banknote 

The 2016 Bahamas 10 Dollar banknote is the world’s first non-commemorative paper bill to bear De La Rue’s Active security thread. A portrait of the Father of Bahamian Tourism Sir Stafford L. Sands is gracing its obverse. Its vertically-oriented reverse boasts the Hope Town lighthouse, and a view of Abaco Islands. Aside from its Active security thread, the note also bears tactile bars, a sand dollar registration device, and a watermark that reveals Stafford L. Sands, an electrotype $10, and Cornerstones. 

Bahamas 10 Dollars Banknote | 2016 | Source: Banknote World

Bahamas 20 Dollars CRISP Banknote 

The Bahamas 20 Dollar banknote is predominantly magenta with evident shades of yellow, pink, green, blue, and orange. Portrayed on its obverse is the archipelago’s first governor-general,  Milo B. Butler. Its reverse is also in vertical orientation and depicts Sir Sidney Poitier and Paradise Island bridges along with the national emblem, and the Festival Place tower at the Nassau Harbor. The note comes with a compass rose registration device, tactile vertical bars, and an Active  windowed security thread with demetalized 20 and sand dollar. The note is also equipped with a watermark that shows Milo B. Butler with electrotype 20. 

Bahamas 20 Dollars | 2018 | TAP 60-70 Authenticated | Source: Banknote World

Bahamas 50 Dollars Banknote 

The Bahamas 50 Dollar banknote portrays Roland T. Symonette, a frangipani flower, and a flying bird in SPARK Orbital Optically Variable Ink. The Parliament House can also be seen in the background. The note’s reverse shows the Central Bank headquarters in Nassau. This composite banknote is made of Durasafe substrate and is equipped with a Rapid windowed security thread with a demetalized 50 and sand dollar and a sand dollar registration device. Its watermark reveals Roland T. Symonette with an electrotype 50.  

Bahamas 50 Dollars | 2019 | TAP 60-70 Authenticated | Source: Banknote World

Bahamas 100 Dollars CRISP Banknote 

Like the Bahamas 50 Dollar banknote, the Bahamas 100 dollar note is also printed on Durasafe. Portrayed on its obverse is Arthur Dion A.D. Hanna, who served as the seventh governor-general of the Bahamas. On the note’s reverse is a blue marlin. The note carries a Rapid windowed security thread with demetalized 100 and sand dollar, a sand dollar registration device, and a watermark that reveals A.D. Hanna and an electrotype 100. 

Bahamas 100 Dollars | 2021 | TAP 60-70 Authenticated | Source: Banknote World

This banknote set includes four pieces of Bahamian dollar banknotes from the CRISP Evolution family issued between 2017 and 2020.  

Bahamas 50 Cents – 5 Dollars 4 PCS Full Banknote Set | 2017-2020 | Source: Banknote World

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