Peace talks have restarted between the Taliban and the government of Afghanistan mediated by the US. Lets pray that peace can return to the Afghani people. Throughout its difficult history, Afghani banknotes have had a number of international influences.

Afghanistan 20 Afghanis Bankote, 1961. Colored in blue and yellow; featuring King Mohammad Zahir
Afghanistan 20 Afghanis | P-38s | 1961 | Ft. King Mohammad Zahir
Source: Banknote World

History Of Afghanistan Banknotes

For many years, Afghanistan was in the English sphere of influence. As a result, the post WWII banknotes show this fact. Bradbury and Wilkinson and Thomas de la Rue printed most of their banknotes. The notes had the traditional layout of the country leader on the front and on the reverse, a building or important location showing the strength of the country. In 1973, Mohammed Daoud Khan led an overthrow of the King and established the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. Subsequently, his effigy replaced Nur Muhammad Taraki on the banknotes. Even though the country had strong ties to the USSR, its banknotes were still produced by De La Rue.

Afghanistan 20 Afghanis, 1973 featuring an image of Mohammed Daoud Khan on the front
Afghanistan 20 Afghanis | 1973 | P-48 | Feat. Mohammed Daoud Khan
Source: Banknote World

In 1978, a coup overthrew Khan’s government and established an Islamic state. The banknotes significantly changes then also, removing any portrait. As a war raged until 1991, the banknotes remained basically the same, but the Afghani economy crumbled and the country faces inflation and devaluation of its currency. As a result, in 1993 a 10,000 and 50,000 Afghani was printed.

Afghanistan 10,000 Afghanis, 1993 after the Islamic revolution. It does not features any images of any leaders or people in power.
Afghanistan 10,000 Afghanis | 1993 | P-63b |
Source: Banknote World

It wasn’t until 2002, and the establishment of the Interim government under Hamid Karzi replaced the older series with new banknotes. Printing has been done by G&D and De La Rue but, the designs remain very traditional. The In 2008, a modern holographic stripe was added to the 1,000 Afghani.

New version of the Afghanistan 1,000 Afghanis, 2012. Colored in red and yellow with a security thread.
Afghanistan 1,000 Afghanis | 2012 | P-77c |
Source: Banknote World

In conclusion, lets hope that the next banknote printed is a commemorative note celebrating a lasting peace in Afghanistan.

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