Philip was born on 10 June 1921, in the port city of Corfu, Greece to Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark and Princess Alice of Battenberg. He attended school at Cheam Combe School in Berkshire, where he excelled at sports such as cricket, hockey and golf; he later left to attend Gordonstoun School in Moray, Scotland (1933-1939). Philip began his military career in 1939 when he joined the Royal Naval College. He graduated from Dartmouth in 1940. During WW2 he was stationed at various critical points. He reached first lieutenant and was even present during the surrender of Japan in WW2.

This is the official wedding picture of Princess Elizabeth and her new husband Prince Philip,Duke of Edinburgh,Nov. 20, 1947 | Source: Wikimedia

In 1939 King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II toured the Dartmouth and that is where Elizabeth II first met her future husband Philip. They would stay in communication from there on. On 20 November 1947, Philip married Princess Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey. They have four children: King Charles III (current king), and Anne, Princess Royal, Prince Andrew, Duke of York and Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex. The couple are known for their public service; each has served as president or patronary over 400 organizations. For many years, Philip developed strong relationships with Greece and Germany through his work as a naval officer during World War II. Elizabeth II was the longest-serving consort in British history. Prince Philip passed on April 9, 2021 and Queen Elizabeth II passed on September 8, 2022. Both had very fulfilling lives and their legacy will live on.

Guyana 50 Dollars Silver Coin, 1994 | Source: Banknote World

Numismatics Featuring Prince Philip

All banknote collectors know that Queen Elizabeth II has been featured on more banknotes than anyone else. Unfortunately, Prince Philip is not present on any banknotes. However he has been featured on quite a few coins. This silver 50 dollar coin from Guyana commemorates the Royal Visit of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Consort Philip in 1994. One side of the coat of arms. The other side, designed by Robert Elderton, depicts the royal visit and the Royal Yacht, with the profiles of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip above, sails towards the beach as local couple, holding a bouquet of flowers and the flag, eagerly await their arrival. One of the last coins dedicated to Prince Philip is the 2021 5 Pounds. It features Philip on the obverse with the years of his life and on the reverse is his wife Queen Elizabeth II.

UK 5 Pounds Commemorative Coin Ft. Prince Philip | Source: Royal Mint

This red deluxe coin album is a coin collection issued by the Royal Mint. It contains proof versions of the circulating range of United Kingdom coins for 1997. Coins included in the set are seven standard circulation coins—1 penny, two pence, five pence, ten pence, twenty pence, and two types of fifty pence coins—and also three commemorative coins—one pound commemorating the English lions, two pounds commemorating the development of technology, and five pounds commemorating the golden wedding anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

United Kingdom Collection – Royal Mint 1 Penny – 5 Pounds 10 Pieces Proof Coin Set, 1997 Ft. Prince Philip & Queen Elizabeth II | Source: Banknote World


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