On April 5, Queen Elizabeth II spoke to the United Kingdom and in fact to the world about the COVID-19 pandemic and her view on our current world and path forward. The Queen, who turns 94 today, April 21st, has lived through the depression, WWII, and many other crises.  She has a perspective borne out in experience and earned as she has provided steady leadership through the 20th century and into the 21st. Read along where we discuss Queen Elizabeth’s II 94th Birthday and her accomplishments.

Queen Elizabeth II
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The Queen has called for calm, empathy and trust.  Remember her eldest son Prince Charles and Prime Minister Boris Johnson have fought and won their battles against COVID-19.  She harkened back to the time when she and Princess Margaret spoke on the radio to displaced English children during WWII in Buckingham Palace. 

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More Info on Queen Elizabeth’s II 94th Birthday

Today is Queen Elizabeth’s II 94th Birthday and continues to show us the pure definition of dignity.  She has been a gift to her people and continues to represent the best of our leaders.  There will be many souvenirs to commemorate her birthday, but the best Queen Elizabeth II souvenirs will be the ones that remind us of her long tenure and historical presence as a global leader. 

Banknotes and coins that display regal portraits of Queen Elizabeth II are perfect souvenirs to commemorate her birthday.  Fiji and English banknotes have shown the Queen throughout her reign and provide the historical context that a teacup or tin of biscuits cannot.  There are also numerous precious metal coins from countries like Canada, Niue, Australia and Cook Islands show the Queen and celebrate a local or cultural topic.  In all cases, the value and beauty of these collectable souvenirs is enhanced by the presence of the Queen.


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