Rasputin was born Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin on January 22, 1869. He was a Russian mystic who became famous for his alleged influence over Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. His name comes from the Russian word raspat’y (“to lick”). His nickname, “the mad monk”, comes from his habit of licking his hands and feet, which were considered holy relics. Rasputin was a peasant boy who grew up in Siberia. In 1897, he moved to St Petersburg where he worked as a clerk. He began to attract attention after he cured the hemiplegia of a young woman named Maria Rasputina. She later married him.

Makarij, Theofan of Poltava and Rasputin, 1909 | Source: Wikipedia

Rasputin also has an extreme physical appearance that many know him for. He wore long black robes, a beard, and also carried a cane. In addition he spoke little and often appeared disheveled. Grigori was said to have hypnotized people, including the Tsar, Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna, and Grand Duchesses Anastasia and Olga. He was introduced to the royal family by Prince Felix Yussoupov. He gained their trust by claiming to have healing powers.

Grigoriy Among Admirers | Source: Wikipedia

His murder occurs in 1916 when royalty invites him to dinner and feeds him poison but, the poison does not take effect. He is then shot and some say that he is even drowned since he does not want to die. A statue of him stands in front of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in St Petersburg. In addition there is a museum that pays homage to Rasputin in the village of Pokrovskoe.

Rasputin Banknote Set | Source: Banknote World

Banknotes & Coins Featuring Rasputin

The Rasputin Banknote set includes a 5 Ruble banknote which from the era of Tsar Nicholas IIs rule and was in circulation when Grigori Rasputin had influence over the royal family. The banknote comes in a combination of blue and also black. Featured on its obverse is a framed text with an eagle at the top. The reverse of the paper bill depicts a crowned shield with a double-headed eagle. In addition below the shield is terms and conditions.

Rasputin Coin Set | Source: Banknote World

This Rasputin Album comes with a copper kopek coin issued during the reign of Tsar Nicholas II and was in circulation when mystic, healer had influence over the Romanov royal family. One side of the coin features the Russian coat of arms represented by an eagle while the other side depicts the denomination.

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