Teachers are always looking for ways to incentivize their student and reward them for good behavior or good effort. Growing up, we had gold stars.  More recently, some teachers have used coins, and marbles and even Monopoly Money. One creative teacher recently asked Banknote World for a selection of high denomination but demonetized banknotes to use as a rewarding system for his students.  Banknote World sent a range of Venezuela Bolivar Fuertes. Several other countries older banknotes can fit this idea too. Indonesia, Zimbabwe and Vietnam have many old banknotes with high denominations that are interesting to look at and relatively inexpensive to buy. But teachers and even parents can look for even less well-known countries such as Malawi, Moldova and Cambodia to not only use these banknotes for a recognition system but to also teach students about world geography.

Image of Monopoly Money & Board Game
Source: Pixabay
Malawi 200 Kwacha | P-60c | 2016
Source: Banknote World
Moldova 1 Lei | P-21 | 2015
Source: Banknote World
Cambodia 100 Riels | P-65 | 2014
Source: Banknote World

I have always thought it would be fun to play The Game of Life or Monopoly with real money and not the cheap pieces of paper that come with the games. Maybe Thursday night Poker might be more interesting when you play with Belarus Rubles or Tajikistan Dirham. Collecting banknotes can be even more fun when you use it during game night.

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