The Sandbox is a play-to-earn blockchain platform that makes way for its users to create their own avatars and enter in hubs, environments, and games on the metaverse. The game enables players to earn rewards by participating in the ecosystem. Launched by Sebastien Borget and Arthur Madrid in 2018, The Sandbox lets gamers, even without coding background, build their own world from buildings to vehicles and also creatures with non-fungible tokens. These items can then be auctioned to the blockchain that runs on Ethereum.  

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The game’s metaverse consists of pieces of virtual real estate called LAND. The LAND can be acquired in a LAND sale. A player who possesses a piece of LAND can populate it with digital assets such as games and buildings using the toolkits that are made available on The Sandbox.  

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The Sandbox Products 

The software comes with tools that enable developers to construct assets. The Game Maker tool is used to create 3D games, modify terrains, and construct buildings and characters in the platform’s metaverse. Another tool is the VoxEdit which enables players to design plants, animals, weapons, or clothing as well as build their voxel-based NFT. On the other hand, the Sandbox Marketplace is where a player can monetize their assets by publishing them to the InterPlanetary File System. 

VoxEdit Used To Make NFT’s | Source: See credits (1)

The SAND Token 

The cryptocurrency that powers The Sandbox ecosystem is the SAND token. It can be used to play games, customize avatars and buy equipment within the ecosystem. This ERC-20 utility token serves as a governance token. It gives its holder the privilege to vote that may influence the future of the game. Additionally, the SAND token is earned when a user plays the game.  

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The Sandbox’s value has increased dramatically over the past year. It has also gained interest in the virtual reality space. It has also attracted prestigious partners including Snoop Dogg, Atari, and even Adidas. 

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