In the prior 3 summer blogs, we focused on summer imagery like beaches, fish and fun activities such as boating, fishing and surfing, therefore we are now turning to 5 banknotes that just ‘feel’ like summer. 

Each Central Bank Has Their Own Style

Banque de France has always had a distinctive banknote design style. Their paper money is often complete scenes related to the country it represents. This approach is seen throughout the banknotes printed for France’s South Pacific territories or former countries that have since gained independence from France. For instance banknotes # 5, 4 and 3 fit this concept.

#5 – French Antilles 50 Francs, 1964

This note shows 2 beautiful Pacific Island images. This banknote shows the harvesting of bananas on the obverse and lumber on the reverse. For example the sea and clear skies and overall color scheme indeed makes this a perfect sample of the French design approach.

French Antilles 50 Francs | 1964 | P-9b
Source: Banknote World Educational

#4 – Martinique 1000 Francs, 1947

This banknote has images that could just as easily be found in a travel magazine or even a museum. This note uses a wide palette of pastel colors and shows several happy women. The notes don’t use typical line structures or even design conventions, but they are still secure and nicely produced.

Martinique 1,000 Francs | 1947 | P-33
Soure: Banknote World Educational

#3 – New Caledonia 100 Francs, 1971

This banknote is probably my favorite example of a French banknote design. The local symbols and symbology are on display. The characters are happy and appear to be locals and there are wide landscapes of the local harbors.

New Caledonia 100 Francs | 1971 | P-63a
Source: Banknote World Educational

#2 – Samoa 20 Tala, 2008

Many Samoan banknotes are bright and beautiful. This 20 Tala distinguishes itself from the others with its sunset yellow-orange background and mix of blues, reds and light greens on both sides. This note just makes me happy.

Samoa 20 Tala | 2008 | P-40
Source: Banknote World

#1 – Netherlands 50 Gulden, 1982

What is more summer than a big yellow sunflower? A big yellow sunflower with a bee harvesting pollen? Or what about a field of sunflowers? This banknote, printed by Jos Enschede also has the same orange-yellow color scheme that is on the Samoan 20 Tala. This banknote might be might favorite ‘non Queen Elizabeth II” banknote. 

Netherlands 50 Gulden | 1982 | P-96
Source: Banknote World Educational

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