Charles III has been king of the UK since the passing of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II last year. He married his current wife, Camilla Parker in 2005, becoming the first husband of a British monarch to have been divorced before taking the throne since Henry VIII in the 16th century. Since his ascension to the role of King, Charles III became a controversial figure among some UK citizens and international critics with relation to UK. Some people believe that a Monarchy is outdated and doesn’t belong in the 21st century while other believe that its part of a larger tradition, culture, identity, and history of the UK and former territories. Read along to learn about the coronation of King Charles III.

Funeral Ceremony of Queen Elizabeth II | Source: Wikipedia / Katie Chan

On May 6, 2023, Charles III was crowned King of the United Kingdom in Westminster Abbey. The coronation ceremony was attended by royals from across Europe and celebrities. The coronation took place amidst thousands upon thousands of people gathered around Westminster Abbey where both members from within Britain’s government along with foreign dignitaries watched as Charles III was officially proclaimed King following an elaborate ceremony and vowing to secularity. After the ceremony the new King and Queen returned to Buckingham Palace where they gave an iconic salute from the balcony.

King Charles III at Buckingham Palace With Heads of State & Other Visiting Dignitaries | Source: Wikipedia / Ian Jones

The coronation of King Charles III was met with widespread approval by both the British public and international community. However there were still critics due to its cost and the current living crisis experienced by many around the world. It marks an important milestone in the history of Britain which will be remembered for years to come. It is the first coronation of the 21st century since the Elizabeth II coronation which took place in 1953.

Coronation Portrait of King Charles III & Queen | Source: Royal UK

King Charles III has 2 children, Prince William (oldest son) and Prince Harry. Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton have three children together – George, Louis and Charlotte. All three are in the line of succession to become king or queen after their father and grandfather Charles III becomes King.

King Charles III & Queen Camilla Waving from Buckingham Palace Balcony | Source: Wikipedia / Isaac Mayne/DCMS

In the world of numismatics there has also been quite a bit of noise since the ascension of King Charles III. Queen Elizabeth II has been featured on so many banknotes and coins over the decades so now many wonder how many King Charles III will be featured on. The United Kingdom already announced a new family of GBP banknotes that feature King Charles III to begin circulation in 2024. In addition, the Royal Mint already produces various coins featuring the King. In addition, Australia’s coins from 2023 will start to gradually feature a portrait of the King but, it has not been announced yet when or if banknotes will feature the King.

Obverse Side of New 2024 UK 5, 10, 20, 50 Pounds Ft. King Charles III | Source: Bank of England

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