“Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story” is a mini-series on Netflix about  the real-life story of King George III and Queen Charlotte of Great Britain which drew inspiration from Julia Quinn’s novels. 

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According to the show, their royal ceremony was hastily arranged. Queen Charlotte arrived in England from Germany, and on the same day, the couple got married. At the time of their marriage, George was a 22-year-old king, while Charlotte was only 17. The urgency in their union stemmed from George’s need for an heir to ensure the continuity of the royal line. 

The Real George III and Charlotte 

Born in Great Britain, George was Duke and Prince-elector of Brunswick-Lüneburg before becoming King of Hanover. His reign involved conflicts across Europe, Africa, the Americas, and Asia. Britain emerged victorious over France in the Seven Years’ War, gaining dominance in North America and India. However, the American War of Independence resulted in the loss of many British colonies.  

King George III and Queen Charlotte W Children | Source: Wikipedia

Charlotte was Duke Charles Louis Frederick of Mecklenburg’s daughter. She had a modest education and was raised like an English country gentlewoman. Her studies focused on household management, religion, and she gained court experience when her brother ascended the ducal throne. 

George III: Clear Box (Two Coin Set) | Source: Banknote World

This coin box includes two one-farthing coins issued during King George III’s reign, featuring the king on one side and a seated Britannia on the other side. One coin is made of copper and weighs 4.93 grams. Meanwhile, the other copper coin weighs 6.3 grams.  

King George III and Queen Charlotte As Married Couple 

Despite the initial circumstances of their marriage, George and Charlotte grew closer, as portrayed in the series. Charlotte is depicted as kind-hearted and even-tempered, which contributed to their compatibility. George and Charlotte had 15 children together, with one of their sons, George IV, eventually ascending to the throne of England. The king and queen shared the same interests in nature, intellectual pursuits, and in music.  

Austria – Salzburg 10 Euro Silver Coin, 2014, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Salzburg | Source: Banknote World

This 2014 silver 10-euro coin which is part of Austria by its Children Series features Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his music on one side with architectural landmarks on the other side. In April 1764, eight-year-old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his family arrived in Britain as part of their European tour. They were summoned to court where Mozart impressed with his ability to play difficult works by Handel, J.S. Bach, and Carl Friedrich Abel at sight. He also accompanied the Queen in a song and performed a solo flute piece. The Mozarts received another invitation to the court to commemorate the fourth anniversary of the King’s reign. As a token of appreciation, Mozart’s father published six sonatas dedicated to the Queen, receiving a gift of 50 guineas in return.  

The Break Up 

During the King’s first episode of mental illness in 1765, Charlotte was kept unaware. His later illness in 1788 terrified and distressed her. Despite her best efforts to care for him, George’s illness grew worse. As his insanity became permanent, Charlotte changed, suffering from a bad temper, depression, and strained relationships with her children. As the King’s mental health declined from 1804 onwards, Charlotte slept separately, ate apart, and avoided being alone with him.  

United Kingdom 1/2 Penny Coin, 1806-1807, George III | Source: Banknote World

The United Kingdom half Penny Coin from 1806-1807 was issued after King George III suffered through his first two bouts of mental illness. The coin features the king on its obverse side while the back shows Britannia.  

Did They Live Happily Ever After? 

In 1818, Charlotte passed away. George’s condition was so severe that he was deemed unfit to rule  and eventually passed away in 1820. Today, King George III and Queen Charlotte rest side by side in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. 

St. Georges Chapel Where King George III and Queen Charlotte Rest | Source: Wikipedia

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