Central Bank of Oman is introducing a new 50 Rial note in late July. This beautiful new note celebrates of the 50th anniversary of the rise of the Modern Omani Renaissance. It will also commemorate the memory of its founder, the late His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said.

Front Oman 50 Rial | 2020
Source: Banknote News

Oman has always been known for its beautifully designed banknotes.  The new 50 Rial commemorative will be the first note in the sixth series.  The commemorative will have 3 advanced overt features including SICPA’s SPARK LIVE.  The design fits the regional geometric patterns and most importantly has a clear and detailed intaglio portrait of the late Sultan.  The design of this note is a natural extension of the prior series.  The colors, the portrait location and designs represent a seamless transition between the series.

Back Oman 50 Rial | 2020
Source: Banknote News

The Modern Omani Renaissance is referred to the period of time when Sultan Qaboos assumed the throne and modernized all of Oman. He solely provided infrastructure, education and diplomacy to the Omani people. Most incredibly, Sultan Qaboos united the Islamic faiths Sunni, Shiite, and Ibadhi to be tolerant of one another and prosper together.

There is no doubt, this commemorative will quickly become a sought-after collectable item.

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