The Second Battle of Ypres was a significant military engagement that occurred in the spring of 1915 near the Belgian city of Ypres during World War I. It is notable for being the first large-scale use of toxic gas as a weapon. I began on April 22, 1915, when German forces launched liquid chlorine from cylinders in the Belgian city of Ypres in West Flanders, defended by the British, Canadian, and French troops.  

The Second Battle of Ypres | Source: Wikipedia

Under the command of Erich von Falkenhayn, the gas was intended as a diversionary attack by his 4th Army, to cover the withdrawal of the Imperial German Army. After over a month of fighting, the Second Battle of Ypres ended on May 25, 1915.  

Australia 100 Dollars Banknote, 2014, Polymer | Source: Banknote World

The Australia 100 dollar banknote shows World War 1 Soldiers on horseback on its reverse. It also portrays Commander  John Monash and the batteries of the 2nd Australian Division attacking the Hindenburg Line, a defensive position built by the Imperial German Army and named after Paul von Hindenburg who succeeded Erich von Falkenhayn as the Chief of the General Staff of the German Army.  The banknote’s obverse depicts the interior of Her Majesty’s Theatre in Sydney and a portrait of soprano Nellie Melba. Melba’s signature and a monogram from the 1902 Australian Concert Tour program are also visible on the note. 

Canada 25 Cents Coin, 2015, KM #1852.1, Mint, Queen Elizabeth II, Susanna Blunt | Source: Banknote World

The 25 Canadian cent coin was issued in 2015 to commemorate the centennial anniversary of the poem “In Flanders Fields”. Written by Canadian physician Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae during World War I, the poem references the red poppies that grew over the graves of fallen soldiers on the Ypres salient. Since then, poppies have become the world’s most popular symbol for remembering soldiers who have died in the conflict, such as on Memorial Day. The commemorative coin features Queen Elizabeth II on its obverse. On its reverse is a poppy and the first stanza of In Flanders Field. 

Canada 2 Dollars Coin, 2018, KM #2580.2, Mint, Commemorative, Armistice, Queen Elizabeth II | Source: Banknote World

The Canada 2 Dollars Coin from 2018 also features a red poppy on its reverse along with a Brodie helmet. On its obverse are Queen Elizabeth II and a maple leaf. The bimetallic coin was issued to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the November 11 Armistice, the formal agreement signed at Le Francport that concluded the First World War. 



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