The Six Day War was one of the most important events in modern Middle Eastern history. It helped establish Israel as a nation and brought peace between Egypt and Jordan. However, it also led to conflicts between Israelis and Palestinians over land settlements, which continue today.

Israeli Tanks Advancing on the Golan Heights | Source: Wikipedia

The Six Day War was fought between Israel and the neighboring Arab states of Egypt, Syria, and Jordan from June 5 to June 10, 1967. The war began when Israel launched a surprise preemptive attack on Egypt. In response to this attack, Egypt called for help from other Arab countries. The Six-Day War resulted in Israel taking control of territory that had been occupied by Arabs since 1948: Gaza Strip from Egypt; West Bank from Jordan; Golan Heights from Syria; Sinai Peninsula from Egypt.

Territorial Gains From The Conflict | Source: Wikimedia

Israel initially prepared for massive losses but, their swift action proved to be game changer.  On June 10, 1967 a cease fire brokered by the UN brought the war to an end. It left Israel’s neighbors bitter and with tensions still high to this day. Millions of people were displaced during the conflict and tens of thousands were killed. After the war, Palestinians were not allowed to return to their homes in what became known as the West Bank. It created massive amounts of people displaced and the effects can still be felt today.

Israel 50 Sheqalim | 1978 | Source: Banknote World

Numismatics From The Six Day War

An important and strategic figure in the conflict was David Ben Gurion who was a leader of the Zionist movement and a founding father of Israel. He believed that Jews needed a homeland where they could live safely without persecution and discrimination. His portrait is found on the Israel 50 Sheqalim Banknote from 1978. The reverse side features an image of the Golden Gate in Old Jerusalem.

Collection of Five Coins Related to the Six-Day War Album, w/ COA | Source: Banknote World

This coin collection commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Six-Day War launched by Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, and Syria to fight against Israel. The coins included in the collection are a Palestinian mil, an Israeli half-lira, an Egyptian millieme, a Jordanian half-qirsh (five fils), and also a Syrian pound. The collection also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


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