The Vietnam War was a conflict that took place between 1955 and 1975 in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand. It involved the United States and its allies fighting against North Vietnamese and Viet Cong forces for control of South Vietnam. This war was bloody, controversial, and left detrimental long-term effects.

South Vietnamese Soldiers | Source: Wikipedia

Ending of the Vietnam War

After years of fighting US president Richard Nixon signs the Paris Peace Accords on January 27, 1973, in Paris, France, ending the American involvement in the Vietnam War. After the US leaves, North Vietnam restarts the war and pushes south crossing the 17th parallel which divides the country similarly to Korea. On April 30, 1975, the capital city of South Vietnam (Saigon) fell to the Communist Party of Vietnam. The country unifies under communist rule and sets forth a new chapter in history.

Map of North & South Vietnam During War | Source: Wikipedia

It can be said that the Vietnam War was also part of the wider Cold War. It acted as a proxy war between the US and the Soviet Union. Each side with their own ideologies. The Soviet Union backed the Northern Vietnamese and the US backed South Vietnam.

Remnants of The War

South Vietnam 500 Dong | Source: Banknote World

This 500 Vietnamese dong note was issued in South Vietnam in 1972. It was part of the last series of notes issued in South Vietnam. Its obverse side highlights the Palace of Independence. Its reverse side features a prowling tiger. In addition this note has a red color scheme.

North Vietnam 50 Hao + 3 Stamps | Vietnam War Album | Source: Banknote World

The Vietnam album contains a 2 Hao note and three commemorative postage stamps that were issued in North Vietnam after the country’s independence from France. The 2 Hao note featured the national emblem in front and also the Bai Thuong Dam at the back. The three stamps featured the following: the national emblem, Ho Chi Minh, and a woman carrying mats with the national emblem behind her. Since the North is considered the victor modern day Vietnamese banknotes pay homage to the late Ho Chi Minh. You can find his portrait on all banknotes. In addition Saigon was renamed to Ho Chi Ming city.

Vietnam 500,000 Dong Ft. Ho Chi Minh | Source: Banknote World

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