Theodor Fontane, born on December 30, 1819, in Neuruppin, Germany, is celebrated as one of the most influential and prolific writers in German literature. His novels, poetry, travelogues, and essays provide an insightful and evocative portrayal of 19th-century German society and continue to resonate with readers around the world.

Fontane as a youth | Source: Wikipedia

Theodor Fontane’s early career saw him working as a pharmacist’s apprentice and subsequently as a journalist and war correspondent. Through these experiences, he honed his observational skills and cultivated a deep understanding of human nature and the complexities of society. It was this keen insight that would later permeate his literary works and earn him acclaim as a perceptive chronicler of the human condition.

Portrait of Theodor Fontane | Source: Wikipedia

Fontane’s novels, which often revolved around the lives of the Prussian bourgeoisie, offered intimate portrayals of human relationships, societal norms, and the clash of tradition with modernity. His keen psychological acumen and nuanced characterizations allowed him to paint vivid and empathetic representations of his subjects, capturing the heart of German society in the 19th century.

The Grave of Theodor and his Wife | Source: Wikipedia

He passed away on September 20, 1898, in Berlin. Theodor Fontane’s influence on German literature and beyond is immeasurable. His novels not only provide a window into 19th-century Germany but also resonate with universal truths about human nature and the complexities of society. He has been honored in various ways from monuments, and statues to even being featured on a numismatic coin.

Theodor Fontane Statue in Brandenburg, Germany | Source: AS

The Coin Featuring Theodor Fontane

The coin in question is the Germany Federal Republic 5 Deutsche Mark Coin, 1969. This is a commemorative coin issued in 1969 that celebrates the 150th anniversary of the birth of Theodor Fontane. It is a silver coin that is in extremely fine condition, weighs 11.2 g, and has a diameter of 29 mm. Its obverse side shows an eagle. Its reverse side features the bust of Theodor Fontane.

Germany Federal Republic 5 Deutsche Mark Coin | 1969 | 150th Anniversary | Source: Banknote World


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