The Theta crypto is that runs on the decentralized Theta Network which aims to better the efficacy of video streaming delivery. It has attracted major players in the video streaming industry such as Samsung. They are looking at integrating the e-sports in its upcoming Galaxy S20 phones.

THETA & SAMSUNG Collaboration
Source: Coindesk

The Theta Way

Websites that offer video streaming were used to keeping their content all in one place. At the start, it may be a convenient practice. However, a number of viewers attempting to simultaneously retrieve the content would put pressure on the centralized system which eventually slows down the stream. To sort this out, streaming companies and websites utilize a content delivery system. Compared to a single access center, having a distributed group of servers in place would minimize the pressure on the system, resulting in seamless streaming. The only drawback of this content delivery system is its cost.

Theta Network’s innovative approach has boosted this content delivery model by establishing a peer-to-peer structure. This framework allows computers to use their transmission capacity, making the content data distributed on its environment and on the main server. Consequently, even with a lot of viewers trying to access the content all at once, online video websites still deliver high-quality video streams at a lower cost.

Available Coins

There are two kinds of Theta coins in use on the platform. One is the TFUEL which is used to pay computer owners that provide bandwidth to the Theta environment. The other one is the Theta token. Token holders have voting power as well as the advantage of creating governance proposals. Therefore, token holders can influence the direction of the network.

THETA Price Chart

Currently trading at $10.74 for each token, Theta cryptocurrency has soared over 17,000% from the previous year. And with a total market value of roughly $10 billion, the cryptocurrency has made its way to the top and even the 20th-largest digital coin.

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