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June 20, 2020 officially marked the start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere.  For many of us, we lost spring to the pandemic shutdowns.  Summer has started with gradual re-opening of parks, beaches, stores and trails.  Let’s home summer continues to be safe and we can all experience a more normal summer. Read more about summer themed banknotes.

When I think of summer, I think of beaches, boats, islands, fish and tropical scenery.  I thought it might be interesting to highlight my favorite banknotes that remind me of summer. 

Summer Banknote Examples

I thought I would start with banknotes that highlight sea life.  There are two other characteristics needed for currency that represents summer.  1- the colors need to be bright and 2- if there is a portrait, the person should look somewhat happy. 

12. 2013 Costa Rica 2,000 Colones P-275

I start the list with an amazingly designed banknote.  The use of dark blue, grays and blacks make the effect very striking- especially the shark on the reverse.  The fish and underwater scene are well drawn.  But the front does not have a happy person and the colors are night bright and summer-like.  I love this banknote but only half of it fits the category.

Costa Rica 2,000 Colones - good example of summer banknote
Costa Rica 2,000 Colones | P-275 | 2013
Source: Banknote World

11. 2010 Brazil 100 Reals P-257c

This banknote has a well designed fish in coral vignette on the reverse.  There are several other corals shown on front and back.  The color is a bit too washed out and the portrait is certainly not ‘happy.

Brazil 100 Reais
Brazil 100 Reais | P-257c | 2010
Source: Banknote World Educational

10. 2017 Mexico 500 Peso P-131a5

This banknote shows a very nice scene with a humpback whale and its calf.  The colors are nice, and it has a ‘wave-like’ use of SICPA’s SPARK feature in the front 500.

Mexico 500 Pesos another good example of a summer banknote because of the cool blue color and image of sea life
Mexico 500 Pesos | P-131a5 | 2017
Source: Banknote World Educational

9. 2012 Malaysia 20 Ringgit P-54a

This summer themed banknote has a series of bright and summery orange colors with a splash of red.  On the reverse there is a nice underwater scene of sea turtles.  One of the turtles even seems to look at you and be swimming off the background.

Malaysia 20 Ringgit
Malaysia 20 Ringgit | P-54a| 2012
Source: Banknote World

8. 2013 Fiji $5 P-115

This polymer note is beautiful and is highlighted by a perched bird on the obverse.  On the back are flora and lizards. I love the integration of Fiji symbols and the ‘tattoo’-like structures. This banknote reminds me of summer but really doesn’t have enough sea life to score at the top of the list.

Fiji 5 Dollars
Fiji 5 Dollars | P-115 | 2013
Source: Banknote World

7. 2009 Bahamas $100 P-76

This summer banknote is distinctive because of the very life-like sport fish on the reverse.  The colors are placid and the color of the portrait makes it fit well with the design.  But frankly, the overall design seems out of balance.  There are areas that are crammed with features making them hard to see, and then there are wide open areas.  The latent image areas and the patch around the lower left $100 don’t seem to me to be well integrated.

Bahamas 100 Dollars
Bahamas 100 Dollars | P-76 | 2009
Source: Banknote World

These 6 notes are a nice addition to anyone’s collection and do show the ability of banknote designers to bring sealife and even the summer to life. 

Top 6 “Sea-life Summer” Banknotes coming soon.

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